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Moonlike Island of Pag, Croatia

Among our favorite, recommendable places for Family Holidays, one of the highest positions on our holidays list take the Greek islands and Croatia, which we have been regularly visiting from many years. If you still plan to go for holidays by the end of this Summer, in the first Family Holidays Series, I would like to recommend you the Croatian moonlike island of Pag. This island has particularly charmed us. Since my dear Friend has recommended it, we have visited it a few times and surely will come back there in the coming future!

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First words & pictures part 1

Welcome to the Smart Kid Library, where you can find few extraordinary books for the youngest kids. Surely, you will love them as we do! Or maybe if you already know some of them, you would like to share your opinion with us? Please be invited to our presentation of few greatest books of Polish and foreign writers and artists. Continue reading

zabawy w niepogodę, kreatywne chorowanie

Overcoming illness & bad weather part 1

For most of us, parents, the time of bad weather or our children illness is a real challenge in organizing activities for them. How to survive on rainy days or during a difficult, arduous and long treatment time, spent closed together in the four walls? How to plan an interesting schedule for these days in order to not get into routine, boredom and fatigue? How to avoid spending time at the computer or watching TV? Continue reading


Consciousness vs unconsciousness

Roles of parent and child have much changed over the centuries. Nowadays, parenting is more modern and fashionably called “conscious“. It certainly faces bigger demands than ever before. Modern parents’ approach is more responsible. We try to get all the best for our children by learnig a lot, planing and prepaing very scrupulously. We have more respect to each other and even jointly participate in our babies’ birth. Nobody else loves them more than we do, is not it? However, it is extremely important to ask ourselves what we exactly do and if it is actually the right way? Continue reading