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Moonlike Island of Pag, Croatia

Among our favorite, recommendable places for Family Holidays, one of the highest positions on our holidays list take the Greek islands and Croatia, which we have been regularly visiting from many years. If you still plan to go for holidays by the end of this Summer, in the first Family Holidays Series, I would like to recommend you the Croatian moonlike island of Pag. This island has particularly charmed us. Since my dear Friend has recommended it, we have visited it a few times and surely will come back there in the coming future!

Introducing you to the unique atmosphere of the Pag island, in the beginning I can say that it is a long island on the Adriatic Sea, part of the Dalmatian coast. You can go there either by ferry (from the North) or the bridge (from the southern part, where we usually go, entrance is free). The island is mostly mountainous, rocky, but with a beautiful distinctive and gentle moonlike landscape, hence it is called the “moonlike island“. However, we can also find there green pastures with sheep. The climate is Mediterranean with balanced temperature, that is just ideal for families with children! We were there at the beginning of May as well as in the middle of Summer and it was always very nice, which made us smiling all the time 馃檪

We travel very often by car, especially since our son bravely tolerates such journeys. The 1000km way through Slovakia and Hungary (or the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia) together with the necessary breaks (for meals, etc.) takes us about 12 hours (same ride 10), taking into account the fact that we are leaving from the South of Poland. I will not write what to take with, especially when it comes to uncountable things for children (although after many years of travelling with our boy, I can very often pack his things to my suitcase now :-). Experienced big and small travelers already know their luggage requirements. However, if you want to know how it looks in our case, I will grant more such tips in one of the next holiday topics. Surely, for such a long journey it is essential to have a proven plan of action with the child, for whom such a long way may be the most tedious. Although, sometimes it happens that we are more tired than our son 馃檪 If you do not like to travel by car, there are also buses or planes (to Zadar Airport, which is 30 min way from Pag).

In the very center of the island there is the town of Pag, which we particulary like. It is beautifully situated along the Pagsky Bay which separates the inner southern and northern coast of the island. The town is small, typically Mediterranean, with a unique intimate atmosphere. We felt in love with it at first sight!

579914_3619628695979_1229135777_nWe usually stop on the southern side of the bay to enjoy the landscape of the Pag town, as pictured below, which we also recommend you. Hence, we always rent an apartment there, with view on the bay and the town.

560514_3619629375996_1432199682_n Especially, sitting on the terrace in the evening, you can enjoy such a landscapes: IMG_8885IMG_8889To go the town it takes 10 min walk. The center of the town of Pag is especially captivating, as I have already mentioned. In May or in September it is very calm, you can even say stoic, and in the Summer season it is teeming with life, but rather quiet. Every time you are there, it has a unique intimate atmosphere.IMG_8340The beach of Pag town: IMG_8343Beautiful small port: 393387_3619627535950_2070751731_nThe Pag Bridge, connecting the southern and northern coast of the town:424664_4898090056714_1266044124_n947013_4898094656829_1131611043_nIt’s nice walking on characteristically narrow streets that give shelter from the Sun as well as the opportunity to observe local life:394533_3619626975936_1376024932_nLovely small central square with Church:IMG_8692and port promenade:IMG_8726Here you can stop, drink coffee, have some siesta IMG_8837But the most charming part of the day is the evening in the town:946752_4898095616853_1744252186_nAt this time it is nice to sit in the port, cool down and chill out after sunny day. Now, you can listen to the calm waves of the sea, admire the sunset over the bay, watch slowly walking people or listen to a quiet evening hustle bustle in the port, on the streets and in the small market square.

The island of Pag is never crowded with tourists, so you can find here deserted beaches and small charming village by the sea. Most of them can be reached by car.

The beaches on the island are rather empty, small, narrow, situated along small bays, stony or rocky and pebble, sometimes with caves, providing intimacy.

IMG_8731IMG_8736IMG_8624But there are also long ones, wide, sandy and pebble. They are also very beautiful!IMG_8746603265_3619627975961_370910459_nIMG_0079

There are also concrete beaches, especially in the center of the Pag town. So each of us can find something good. Do you like it already? Because I myself when looking at these pictures have so beautiful memories that I would like to come back there at once! But this year we have other holiday plans, which I will certainly mention 馃槈

422652_3619626615927_249506407_nNo matter on which of the beaches you are, it is so nice to bathe in these sea waters: 314285_3619626415922_1753879914_nor even simply wet your feet: IMG_8862I could not forget to mention that we feed on our own. Which, samely as the above points, also ensures the greatest independence which is important especially when you go somwhere with a small child. Delicious, fresh fish and seafood, every day to be baught in the market or in port. My husband always goes there by bike in the early morning to buy some and then we make various delicious dishes in tomatoes or wine sauce, as pictured below. Yummy! And with this view … it tastes even better 馃檪

945593_4898092576777_820428525_nAnd in the evening it is so nice to grill and taste fresh, delicious sardines:IMG_8932What is also important, that Pag is famous for its delicious sheep cheese. Thanks to unusual diet of sheep (feeded with sage, rosemary and thyme) cheese from the island has a unique flavor, and became a local specialty. Besides, in the valley around the bay, there extend meadows, where grow the grapes and olives. Then,聽sea salt is harvested from the bay waters, from which Pag is also famous.399103_3619627255943_1665921903_nOn Pag you can also buy a famous Pag lace. The laces are handmade by older ladies, who crochet, sitting on the narrow streets of the town, usually in the evenings. It is a very beautiful souvenir.

303594_3619627095939_646500036_n 561600_3619627735955_1924591611_nThus, Pag owes its fame in the world as “an island of salt, cheese and lace

Enjoying all the charms of Pag, there are many other interesting activities, which you can do there. The area of the island is quite mild, and therefore it is nice to go for a bike ride. Hence, every time when we go there, we take our bikes with us. It is great to ride along the bay:IMG_8506What can I say, on such a small island you can visit many interesting places by bike: the beaches, the pastures with characteristic stone walls, lonely chapels, or even bird park with many species of birds.IMG_8540You can also simply take a ride to the market, to sit down, have a rest, stop for a moment, drink coffee, which we really like, and often do, when we are there.IMG_0500It happens that some day the weather is not particularly encouraging for sunbathing, walks or bicycle tours, then you can go by car for a trip to another town of the island, for example Novalja, with equally beautiful port and promenade.563164_3619628215967_1824864495_nHere they serve very delicious fresh grilled fish and lamb, which we had the opportunity to taste.

You can also go to the land of Dalmatia, to the city of Zadar, where there are many other activities and opportunities to fully enjoy the big Mediterranean city. Here, too, you can have a very pleasant walk through the old narrow streets:IMG_8791where you can stop for a moment and enjoy delicious coffee, for example, in such a cafeteria:5954_4898097776907_1399093896_nThe panorama of the Zadar city can be seen from the tower of the Cathedral of St. Anastasia.

IMG_8658 7140_4898097216893_1117083851_n IMG_8733IMG_8714One cannot visit the famous 5 wells square (city repeatedly besieged in the sixteenth century by the Turks, had to secure permanent access to water):5393_4898098136916_690473099_nSea Organ formed like stairs at the port where the waves play beautiful melodies:943010_4898099056939_1779537553_nas well as the famous Pozdrav Suncu (installation which includes the entire solar system in proper proportions, daily powered by solar panels and at night sparkles with all the colors): IMG_8866IMG_8859 In this part of Europe, there is an infinite number of interesting activities and posibilities of rest, especially with a child. The quality of relax and attractions is guaranteed. The island of Pag is a unique place where you can come back many times and always are able to stop from running, stress out and get back to home with unforgettable memories. As you can see, we have a very special fondness to this island 馃槈IMG_8353We cordially recommend visiting this small but unusual part of unique beauty and peace!IMG_8907



Winter season is coming soon, so in the next episode of Family Travelling we will propose where to go for skiing with your child. We will recommend a beautiful place and great conditions!
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  1. Aneta

    Ja te偶 uwielbiam Chorwacj臋. Dzi臋ki za szczeg贸艂owy artyku艂, ju偶 dzi艣 wsiad艂abym w samolot, zw艂aszcza gdy za oknem g臋sta m偶awka i wiatr brrr

  2. Monika Robakowska-Pilka

    Witam, Jezelii to mozliwe prosze o namiar na nocleg (interesuje mnie ten ze zdjecia z tarasem) A jezeli nie ten to czy moglibyscie co polecic cos dla rodziny z dziecmi. Czyli blisko morze, lagodne zejscie i malo ludzi wkolo. Dziekuje z gory.

  3. Agata

    Witam, my艣limy nad wakacjami na Pag i mam pytanie gdzie znajduje si臋 ta piaszczysta pla偶a z Pa艅stwa zdj臋膰, ewentualnie 偶wirkowe ale z 艂atwym dost臋pem, gdy偶 jedziemy z dzie膰mi, jedno b臋dzie mia艂o 6 miesi臋cy wi臋c w贸zek jest niezb臋dny 馃檪 b臋d臋 wdzi臋czna za sugestie w jakich okolicach warto szuka膰 noclegu.

    1. Kashtanky Post author

      Polecamy apartamenty w miescie Pag, bo to piekne stare miasteczko idealne na wypoczynek i zwiedznie, a plaze niedaleko to sv. Duh i plaza Cista. Idealne dla dzieci, w wodzie (cieplutkiej!) lekki zwirek i piasek, bajecznie!

  4. Agnieszka

    Jak膮 pla偶臋 by艣cie mogli zarekomendowa膰 na jednodniowy wypad na Pag? Jeste艣my teraz w Zaton i tutaj pla偶a nam 艣rednio pasuje, tzn. Bardzo d艂ugo jest p艂ytko i piasek, kt贸ry zam膮ca przejrzysto艣膰. Dopiero co wr贸cili艣my z wyspy Cres, przy kt贸rej by艂y kamyki i g艂臋boko robi艂o sie po 2-3 metrach. Do tego mega przejrzysto艣膰. I o czym艣 takim my艣limy. 馃檪 Na Pag mo偶na znale藕膰 takie pla偶e?

    1. Kashtanky Post author

      Zdecydowanie polecamy pla偶臋 Sv. Duh i plaza Cista u wybrzeza w drodze od miasta Pag do Novalija – bajeczne, piasek-zwirek, ciepla spokojna woda i mieciutki piach pod stopami, do tego w ogole nie gleboko 馃檪


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