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Buckwheat-amaranth bread

Recently, there are very popular kinds of diets gluten-free, lactose-free, protein-free, sugar-free. This is today’s most effective medicament for all kinds of civilization diseases. Our kitchen is becoming more conscious, we come back to Nature. More and more consumers are avoiding preservatives and artificial colorants that are widely served in most of products. Today, in our Natural Kitchen section we recommend a simple recipe for a healthy and delicious gluten-free amaranth-buckwheat bread. Let’s try the taste of Nature!  Continue reading


Kashtanky Family

Somewhere in the South of Poland, in one of its beautiful cities’ outskirts, there was a Kashtanova Street. It ran smoothly along the suburban valley where grew dignified, old chestnut trees with lush green crowns. One of these specimens was the home of unusual Kashtanky Family. There was Kashtanek Philip, his little sister Lucy, Mom Kashtanka and Dad Kashtanek. Continue reading