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Velvet pumpkin cream

Dear Readers! If your children asked you for a Halloween pumpkin, I recommend to use it in different ways. Namely, our Halloween monsters can also serve as a food. When you have your monster already created, you can cook a delicious soup from the pumpkin pulp. Thus, on the occasion of Halloween, I invite you to enjoy a delicious velvety pumpkin cream. This cream recipe is simple, cooking it – very fast and most of all – it is very healthy. I recommend to try it! Continue reading


Fashionable Mom in Autumn

We still have Autumn. Sometimes it is beautiful, sunny, warm, colorful, but also cold, windy, cloudy and rainy. In any case it is unusual. That is why we like it! How to dress for any Autumn weather to go out with glee and feel great, exceptional, even when it blows and rains? Here are some tried Autumn Fashion propositions, so that every day could be special for every busy mom (and not only) at this time of year. Continue reading


How to throw off the “old shell”? Everything about ego

Why some of us see the glass half empty while others – half full? What is ego? How to recognize it? How does it reveal? Why is it called an “old shell“? How to throw it off in order to begin to live consciously, to be a conscious human, and hence a conscious parent, spouse, employee, etc? How to find back my own real ME? The answers for these (and other) questions can be already found in this article, the content of which is based on coaching of appreciated famous mentors such as Jacek Walkiewicz, Mateusz Grzesiak and Dr. Shefali Tsabary. Continue reading


Exciting “Hundred-foot journey”

Good movie can make us laugh to tears, relieve our stress, touch us deeply, show the unknown world as well as unbelievable and impressive stories of people. Always leaves us someway excited. Thus, it learns us something new, and makes us reflect on our lives. Good movie is like a medicine for us and for all our families. Is it not the reason why we go together to the cinema or sit together in front of TV? One of such an exceptional movies is the story of an unusual Indian family with passion Continue reading


Beautiful Polish Golden Autumn

My Dear Readers! There was temporary silence on my blog, because I am actually carrying out several different life projects, the effects of which will be surely noticeable here. And all of this is to better and better explore and realize the secrets of conscious parenting (and not only). Meanwhile, this weekend I propose a colorful photo-presentation of Beautiful Polish Autumn. It’s our favorite season! Before white cold winter comes, let’s enjoy these last warm colorful moments… Welcome! Continue reading


How to detect and overcome food intolerance

Do your children suffer different diseases, source of which is difficult to diagnose? Do you feel chronic fatigue, recurrent migraine headaches, digestive disorders, skin problems or any respiratory ailments and other? Did you know that the cause of such problems could be food intolerance? Let’s see how you can easily get out of this vicious circle and improve the quality of your life! Continue reading


Emerald island of Corfu, Greece

Although holiday season came to an end, and there is already Autumn outside our windows, in such a time it is nice to remind about past sunny holidays. Thus, before we start our winter season and recommend you places to go for skiing, let’s move for a while to the emerald island of Corfu, which has captivated us this year, and whose beauty we would like to show you. Maybe next year you will choose Corfu for your holidays. We highly recommend it! Continue reading


Nursery rhymes for kids

Nowadays, all parents know that knowledge of a second language is essential. But when and where is the best to start learning a language with our child? Which is the right method? The basic education program of most private kindergartens provide English lessons, in some public kindergartens as well. While in the rest of public kindergartens, your child can take part in language activities by additional payment. However, not all of us have such a possibility. Perhaps our children do not go to kindergarten yet and we wonder how to provide them a good start, especially if we do not speak any foreign language ourselves? Here are some proven, free, very useful and pleasant ways to learn English with our kids! Continue reading