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Nursery rhymes for kids

Nowadays, all parents know that knowledge of a second language is essential. But when and where is the best to start learning a language with our child? Which is the right method? The basic education program of most private kindergartens provide English lessons, in some public kindergartens as well. While in the rest of public kindergartens, your child can take part in language activities by additional payment. However, not all of us have such a possibility. Perhaps our children do not go to kindergarten yet and we wonder how to provide them a good start, especially if we do not speak any foreign language ourselves? Here are some proven, free, very useful and pleasant ways to learn English with our kids!

How聽important impact music has on the development of every child, I have already mentioned here. I also highlighted the aspect of learning English language through music and what results it gives in future language education.

Today, I want to present more specifically how I learn English with my son from the earliest months of his life. And it’s not because I imposed such a way. You may take me as a crazy,聽fanatic of conscious parenting mother馃槈 Well, it is not like that!

Learning English is rather my passion and hence I liked and still like to sing my son English lullabies of my childhood (of course in second place after our beautiful Polish songs!). This is because I remember how big impact it had on me when I was a child. I remind myself very well that it was very misterious, different sound and completely different world, which was so exciting for me! I had no opportunity to learn English in kindergarten, so I watched Sesame Street with great interest and learned English based on what I have heard, especially in the catchy songs. In following years at school learning English and other languages was very easy to me. I think every parent will agree that such an early language education in childhood influences on reaching good results in later years of language education.

These tunes of my childhood, which our son also likes very much, are the English lullabies and songs called nursery rhymes.

We can divide them on classic rhymes, animal rhymes, counting rhymes, action rhymes and bedtime rhymes.

They are generally available on CD, DVD, often with attached texts. Also, we can find them in the Internet (, baby british council).聽There is as well a lot of channels that you can subscribe on youtube (Hooplakidz, MorphleTV, SuperSimpleSongs, Mother Goose Club) and other. You can also buy a book with lyrics to sing and play the melodies on instruments (guitar, piano). We also have such a song book and play, which you will see later on the presentation below.

In the end, if you already know them by heart, you might want to sing them while playing, driving, bathing, and during other daily activities. Even for those who do not speak English, these songs are very easy to learn together with your child!

From my experience, I can say that singing these rhymes with a combination of action and pictures (clapping, stomping, counting, imitating the behavior of animals, traffic and noise of vehicles, etc.) English is catchy for every child 馃檪 Of course, parents’ role here is important due to the fact that we need to explain our children what we sing about and what it means in Polish (or our mother language).

Maybe most of you already know and sing such nursery rhymes with your chldren, great! However, for those who want to know which songs we like the best and therefore which we often sing, I invite you to our presentation.


IMG_5234This lullaby was our constant point of the day. We could never miss it during our play and before going to sleep. Now, our son likes other songs. However, recently, he surprised me very much when being not yet 3-years’ old, he sang this lullaby in front of the big audience, while I thought that he will choose his favorite Mr Kleks song! It was an impressive experience for me and proved how much our children remember their favorite melodies heard during daily activities.

Number 2 on our playlist is THE WHEELS ON THE BUS

IMG_5289Absolute song of action which all boys like the most!聽 There are wheels (round and round”), wipers (swish swish swish”), horn (beep beep beep“), and so on. Our son just loves it!

Among these songs, we could not miss the ones with our favorite animals, and such a one certainly is the resolute Itsy Bitsy Spider, who climbed up the water spout, but the tricky rain still washed him out 馃檪 In the end comes out the sun and聽and the rainbow appears, so the water dries up and everything happens again.

There is action, there is water, and a spider = 100% of our child attention!


Very interesting is the version by Mother Goose Club, where children show everything what they sing about. Our son really likes to watch and follow those kids 馃檪


Among other animals, that bravely accompanied us in learning English was a nice lamb BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP This is our no. 4!

IMG_5280Also, among other action rhymes another favorite songs is ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT

Our son liked to imitate the rowing of the boat 馃檪 This is our No. 5.

IMG_5283From nursery rhymes which learn counting our son likes a song about jumping monkeys. There is very funny action, so all you need for easy baby learning! So our No. 6 is 5 LITTLE MONKEYS

IMG_5241Then, the same kind as monkeys’ song is – TEN IN THE BED

However, in contrary to falling monkeys from the bed and their mother calling to the doctor because of their head ache,聽in “Ten in the Bed” song our son liked that the cute bears roll over and fall out the bed in a very funny way 馃檪

IMG_5291Then, learning counting combined with ringing of a clock is an absolute hit!

Therefore we recommend聽HICKORY DICKORY DOCK Our No. 8.

Also, our son findt itextremely funny when in the end of this song an elephant climbs up the clock, which of course does not stand his weight 馃槈

IMG_5242And when the rain is falling it is worth to sing RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY (our No. 9)

Cheer up is guaranteed!

IMG_5244Finally, our No. 10聽 – RINGA RINGA ROSES which can be sung and danced by a larger group of children.


In order to not teach our child everything at once, it is good to learn these rhymes step by step.

We were singing them over the past 3 years 馃槈

Now, we sing new ones, e.g. HUMPTY DUMPTY

IMG_5279About an egg which had a great fall from the wall, so that nobody could put him together again 馃槈

And recently our son has learned a song about falling London bridgeLONDON BRIDGE, which he particularly likes, as befits a true boy!

When it comes to typical education songs, there is a verywell-known melody of the alphabet:


We like this version very much!

Apart from English songs, there are also American ones, very well-known and often sung:

OLC MC DONALD HAD A FARM (working tractor, happy farmer and his cute animals are very interesting for every child)

BINGO (very catchy by clapping, stomping and hitting the knees, belly, etc).

And at the end of this presentation comes our absolute musical icing”:

B is for BUBBLE

I remember it singing as a child together with my brother and sisters, and today I’m singing it with my son 馃檪

Dear Parents! Maybe you have your own ways of learning English? We would be happy to hear about them and certainly will聽 try them!

We highly recommend watching, singing, dancing and playing the above ones at home!



Apart from self-study English at home, you can also join such an English programs, if you have such a possibility:



It is also worth mentioning that children in two- or multilingual families haveeasier task to learn languages 馃槈

And when it comes to study languages 鈥嬧媜ther than English, you will certainly find traditional songs in a way presented above.

All methods of learning through play and music are highly recommended!


10 thoughts on “Nursery rhymes for kids

  1. Aneta

    To偶 to nasza lista przeboj贸w! Tyle 偶e u naszego Mateusza nr 1 by艂 ‘Wheels on the bus’ 馃檪 Ch臋tnie by艣my razem z Wami po艣piewali, mo偶e si臋 uda, bo d艂ugie jesienne wieczory przed nami.

    1. Kashtanky Post author

      Tak, dzieciaki z Mother Goose Club s膮 urocze. Szczeg贸lnie ich wykonanie “Itsy Bitsy Spider” nam si臋 podoba. Angielski z nimi to przede wszystkim 艣wietna zabawa dla maluch贸w 馃檪

  2. aga

    ‘Hympty Dympty’ by艂a jedn膮 z pierwszych rymowanek, kt贸r膮 pozna艂a moja c贸rka. Nie mia艂a jeszcze roku gdy domaga艂a si臋 obok “Tu tu tu sroczka” w艂a艣nie “fall” i ‘bam” czyli w艂a艣nie Humpty’ego 馃槈

    Co do “ring o roses” to za t膮 rymowank膮 kryje si臋 bardzo niemi艂a historia powstania. Wierszyk pochodzi z czas贸w Wielkiej Zarazy w Londynie 1665-1666 (Great Plague of London) i mia艂 pom贸c w pami臋taniu o noszeniu na szyi woreczk贸w z zio艂ami i r贸偶ami.
    Jestem taka m膮dra bo na amazon trafi艂a mi si臋 艣wietna ksi膮偶ka z rymowankami i ich pochodzeniu. Planuj臋 co艣 na ten temat wkr贸tce napisa膰 na swoim blogu a tym czasem pope艂ni艂am, post o swoich ulubionych rymowankach i wiele jest innych ni偶 w tym po艣cie:

    1. Kashtanky Post author

      “Humpty Dumpty” to te偶 jedna z naszych ulubionych, obok “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “Wheels on the bus”, “Hickory Dickory Dock” i “Twinkle twinkle…”.
      Dzi臋ki za ciekawostk臋 o “Ring o Roses”! Biegniemy czyta膰 Twojego bloga 馃槈


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