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Emerald island of Corfu, Greece

Although holiday season came to an end, and there is already Autumn outside our windows, in such a time it is nice to remind about past sunny holidays. Thus, before we start our winter season and recommend you places to go for skiing, let’s move for a while to the emerald island of Corfu, which has captivated us this year, and whose beauty we would like to show you. Maybe next year you will choose Corfu for your holidays. We highly recommend it!

The island of Corfu (ancient Kerkyra) is one of the mountainous islands situated in the northern part of Ionian Sea, along the coast of Albania. It owes its dignified name of “emerald island” thanks to its unique green landscapes, crystal clear bays and sandy lagoons. Time has stopped here, there is noone who would not enjoy such a natural beauty cliffs and rocks, which are bathed in the turquoise waters of charming bays with wild beaches. Besides, the landscape presents different shades of green from the lush slopes of the mountains and dense olive groves, up to the emerald waters of Ionian Sea. The climate during the holiday season is rather temperately hot (acceptable for families with children), Greeks are very hospitable, and their food is delicious! It is worth to visit this island for all those advantages.

Being busy with lots of things this year, we did not have much time to organize such a holiday on our own. Therefore, we bought a travel agency offer and after 2 hours of flight we came to a very nice family hotel, very intimate by the way, because of the arrangement of its buildings. It was situated on the northern coast of Acharavi.

Acharavi town is located in the central part of the northern coast of the island. This destination is ideal for families with children (but not only!). Coast is 7 km long in the form of a nice, wide and gentle sandy-pebble beach. Another advantage is the beautiful view of Albania.


Here and there you can find little colorful stones.

IMG_2026IMG_2721One day the sea is very calm here IMG_2322and other day – waving

IMG_4462but always beautiful!

IMG_4608We spent whole first week here to recover energy and charge our batteries for the coming autumn-winter season in Poland.


The best was to run on the beach with daddy the marathoner!

IMG_2508or alone 😉IMG_2502

then men digging and building sand castles

IMG_2539but also moments of rest 🙂IMG_2693and of course fantastic sea baths

IMG_2419and brave jumping on the waves!

IMG_4409but also quiet walks in search of treasures of the sea the best time with mommy 😉


IMG_4338 Apart from the beach where we used to go almost every day, in Acharavi there is also Hydropolis Waterpark. I think that we do not have to convince any parents that this is one of the biggest attractions for children, especially the older ones. And although the glory years of this aquapark are already past, it is a place that attracts tourists from whole island.IMG_2520When we finally had a good rest, we started to go on close short trips.

You can go everywhere by city bus along the northern coast. In such a way you can visit Roda, where you can have a nice walk and enjoy a coffee in such a friendly place.

IMG_3999IMG_4000Then, you can come back to Acharavi on foot, having a nice walk along the beach promenade (about 45 minutes).

Another day you can take a bus to Sidari, a town in the western part of the northern coast, where is the Canal d’Amour – the famous Love Canal which is a rocky canyon with turquoise water. According to the legend when the lovers will swim through it, they will be together forever. Daredevils jumped, we watched 🙂


IMG_4642IMG_4648IMG_4670IMG_4649Here you can see how beautiful Kerkyra is!

IMG_4674Another time we went in the opposite direction to the eastern coast where Kassiopi is. A lovely traditional fishers village.

IMG_4908We recommend to take a walk along the promenade in the charming small portIMG_4900and then stop for a moment in such a place


IMG_4912or on the samll intimate beaches

IMG_4918IMG_4922Apart from the charms of the northern coast, Corfu hides also other beauty. It is worth to rent a car and explore the interior of the island. You cannot miss the capital of the island the real treasure of the ancient Kerkyra!

In the town of Corfu there is an old and a new port, from which you can see the old city

IMG_4015Walking along the port, you can see the Old Fortress

IMG_4037Here you can admire views of Albania and more:

IMG_4027IMG_4042In the old part of the city you will find beautiful old historic buildings in Venetian style, and among them narrow charming streets. It is wonderful to feel the specific atmosphere here and walk around with admiration.

IMG_4033Apart from old houses, you can also find a beautiful old classic car models

IMG_4032In the center of town the residents are riding scooters.

See how beautiful there is!

Below, it is the sixteenth century Orthodox cathedral of Spiliotissis one of the main sightseeing point of the city.

IMG_4021Another symbol of the capital of Corfu is the church of St. Spirydon (XVI century temple with slender bell tower and famous dark red helmet).

IMG_4045 IMG_4063The city is bustling all day.IMG_4126On the streets you can buy everything – from fresh vegetables and fruits

IMG_4069up to the traditional souvenirs Greek hand-decorated porcelain

IMG_4097and all the gifts of the seaIMG_4056as well as the original wooden toys and icons.

IMG_4096Corfu is also famous olive wood products.

IMG_4101As I already mentioned, you can ride a scooter in the city

IMG_4163 IMG_4118 or the bicycle

IMG_4080and such a one and in such a color – is just perfect for me 🙂IMG_4157It is worth to sit in a quiet place for a coffee

IMG_4082And then have a meal. All over Corfu, and in the capital, they serve delicious lamb, veal and of course – fresh fish and seafood. Yummy!

IMG_4204Having already full belly, you can continue to walk.

IMG_4168In less crowded streets, you can see how easily and simply goes life here 🙂

IMG_4143IMG_4212Going back, you can buy delicious oranges.

IMG_4255From the port in Corfu, you can also take a boat trip around the island Vidos located from the North of the city.

IMG_4786We recommend to go by Kalypso Star with glass bottom to watch the sealife near the island.IMG_4709IMG_4718IMG_4715In the program there is also a nice show with friendly sealions.


IMG_4734IMG_4773IMG_4744Such a trip takes an hour and it is perfect for families with children. We recommend it!

On the way back you can admire the old city with Old Fortress

IMG_4814IMG_4818On Corfu there is also worth to visit the village of Paleokastritsa, on the western coast. This place is unique, charming, beautifully situated between cliffs bathed in turquoise waters.

IMG_4837The best is to sit in one of many restaurants with panoramic terrace and admire the unique beauty …

IMG_4842It is just ideal for snorkeling!

IMG_4845You can be really impressed and dreaming IMG_4830There are many bays with intimate cosy beaches, to which you can go by constantly running water taxi

IMG_4847but you can also go to some beaches downstairs from the terrace

IMG_4860IMG_4855As you can see, Corfu is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea.

IMG_4870You can be impressed with different shades of green, hot sun, emerald sea and the smell of green olives everywhere

IMG_4866To prove it, in Kalami there is a residence of English writer Lawrence Durrell, who was so enchanted by this island, that he lived in Kalami bay for 30 years in the 30s of the XX century (and wrote the novel Prospero’s Cave“).

IMG_4864Who would not like to live here 🙂

IMG_4863Just the memories of such holidays remain for a long time in our hearts

IMG_2595We cordially encourage you to visit this island. You will be delighted!

And which Greek places do you recommend us?

20 thoughts on “Emerald island of Corfu, Greece

    1. Kashtanky Post author

      Pani Maju, dziekujemy! Nasz Yamaszkowy Robby i tak zawsze będzie pierwszą foczką, która nas zachwyciła 🙂 a foczki z Korfu jak i całą wyspę serdecznie polecamy!

    1. Kashtanky Post author

      Dziękuję! Takie zwiedzanie zazwyczaj zajmuje nam cały dzień, bo nigdzie się nie śpieszymy 🙂 Warto wynająć samochód na kilka dni i rozłożyć zwiedzanie najciekawszych miejsc w czasie, mając swobodę w decydowaniu co, ile i jak długo się zwiedza.

  1. Sylvia

    Korfu to przede wszystkim historia , i ta starożytna i ta nowożytna . Można zobaczyć naprawdę wiele ważnych historycznych obiektów takich jak Ruiny Starego Miasta Korfu , Kasser Tron , Pałac Cesarzowej Sisi , Angielokastro , Zamek Kassiopi ,jest ich około 50 .Korfu to ciekawa wyspa pod każdym względem .

        1. Kashtanky Post author

          Oj tak, my mieliśmy przyhotelowy Hydropolis Water Park i choć większość urlopu spędziliśmy jednak na plaży, to parę razy skorzystaliśmy z atrakcji w tym aquaparku

  2. Ania

    Właśnie kupiliśmy bilety 🙂 Lecimy w sierpniu z roczniakiem i 9 letnim dzieckiem. Już nie moge się doczekać. Teraz tylko pozostaje znależć jakieś przyjemne apartamenty.

  3. mario

    wybieram się na korfu za tydzień
    Sprawdzam pogodę wszystko ok. 23-26st
    Ale mam pytanie czy woda w morzu bedzie nadawać się do kompieli już. albo lekich zanurzeń – wejś sobie po pas pochodzic i itp.
    Bedziemy w Arachavi


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