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Christmas songs and carols

Here comes a time to celebrate, time to experience the magic moments with our family. Surely, those moments spent together will be also full of joyful carols singing. Undoubtedly, there are beautiful carols in your home country that will be sung in many homes during this Christmas. However, there are also unique English Christmas carols and songs. Do you know any of them? Did you already have a chance to sing them with your kids? If not, then we invite you to common English carols singing! This is also a great opportunity to learn English together. Continue reading


Christmas tree shine

Today is the first day of Winter and here is the first snow outside the window! Great! While at our homes, we enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of last Christmas preparations. Do you already have a Christmas tree at your home, which shines your hearts with coming Christmas? We already have one, beautiful, living, fragrant… Continue reading


Christmas presents for kids

Here comes the last weekend before Christmas, and this is the last opportunity to buy gifts for our little ones. If your children have not given you any hints and you are wondering what would make them happy, here are some good ideas for a Christmas present, among of which are beautiful books, creative coloring books, Christmas LEGO bricks, educational games, unique puzzles, songbooks with English carols and other! Continue reading


Christmas at home

Time before Christmas is a time of nice preparation not only  for our souls, but also for our eyes and ears. There are already Christmas decorations and lights in the cities, you can hear Christmas melodies everywhere. Also in our homes we decorate the interior, windows, gardens. Do you have your home already decorated? If not yet, here are our suggestions of great Christmas inspirations. Continue reading


Christmas music boxes

Are you already making Christmas preparations? I have memories from my childhood about magic Christmas preparations in my family home cleaning the house, smell of pastries, decorating, dressing the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas tunes. One of such a magical memories is also a Christmas music box melody. Such a nice tune in our Christmas family home. We recommend to get such a music box – there are plenty of them to choose. It is also a great idea for a Christmas present. And here are our suggestions. Continue reading


Skiing with kids in Italian Dolomites

Winter has not come yet, but in the Tatra Mountains and mountain villages, some of us can already enjoy the first snow. Even in some places, the ski lifts are already working, eg. in Szczyrk. If you like the winter madness as we do, it is now perfect time to plan Winter holidays. We will certainly mention the Polish ski-parks, which all Winter enthusiasts probably know, but today we would like to recommend you a very special and wonderful place that captivated us a couple of seasons ago. Namely, it is the Val Gardena Valley and its attractions in the Italian Dolomites. Here we go! Continue reading


Christmas gingerbread

My dear Readers! For reasons beyond my control (illness unfortunately does not choose) there was quiet for a moment on kashtanky blog, but today we are back with Winter and Christmas topics! Christmas is coming soon. Although we do not like the annual pre-Christmas rush, however, some of the Christmas preparations give us really great pleasure. Among them obviously is baking Christmas gingerbread. This is our annual tradition. And this year there will be also a gluten-free version. We invite you to bake together with us!

Continue reading