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Christmas music boxes

Are you already making Christmas preparations? I have memories from my childhood about magic Christmas preparations in my family home cleaning the house, smell of pastries, decorating, dressing the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas tunes. One of such a magical memories is also a Christmas music box melody. Such a nice tune in our Christmas family home. We recommend to get such a music box – there are plenty of them to choose. It is also a great idea for a Christmas present. And here are our suggestions.

We have such a wooden music box with dancing figures, which our son loves to play, watch dancing bear and a girl, and at the same time listen to the beautiful melody of Jingle bells” –  short movie here

pozytywkaswiatecznaBelow wooden music boxes with similar figures dancing

tanczacefigurkiClassic music boxes

Christmas tree and carousel with horses can be found on every Christmas fairs that you can visit in almost every city market square in December.

koniki_choinkaAnd such a beautiful carousel was to be found in Tschibo (However, I see that they’ve sold out online, but still you can find it in local Tschibo shops)pozytywkakaruzlaPorcelain music boxes

Snowman, and there are snowmen dancing on ice insideporcelanabalwanekNutcracker and riding train in itporcelanadziadekdoorzechowSanta Claus and his sleigh with reindeers in the middleporcelanamikolajMusic surprise boxes

Snowman and moving ice rink inside

pudelkobalwanekSanta Claus and the sleigh with reindeers insidepudelkomikolajReindeer and Christmas train insidepudelkoreniferMusic snowballs


Miscellaneous music boxesrozmaite Traditional music boxespozytywko-szkatulki

You can find such a music boxes here or at the Christmas fairs (to be visited in most of city market squares).

We wish you a nice shopping  and a nice listening to Christmas tunes 🙂

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