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Goulash with millet

Have you already returned to form after Christmas? Is your body still sluggish after feasting? Well, as it comes for me – it is rather the latter .. ;-) Although today’s weather is more like for walking than skiing to lose a little weight, but there are other ways to return to form, as for exmaple delicious light meals like goulash with millet, which we often eat at home, because we really like it. And here is our recipe – very simple and fast in preparing. Yummy! Continue reading


Winter fun in Livigno

Dear Readers! We hope that your Christmas time passed pleasantly and family like. After the long break, smiling and relaxed, we welcome you with the best New Year wishes and return to blogging. Today, a photo-report of Winter fun in Livigno. If you do not know where to go for Winter holidays, we would like to recommend this place! Let’s see! Continue reading