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Winter treatment at the Polish seaside

March is coming soon, and it’s an ideal time to visit the Polish seaside. No matter it is cold! Autumn-winter period (September-October, March) is the best season to go there because of the beneficial influence of the sea on our health. Did you know that there is the highest concentration of iodine at this time of year? Especially, such a treatment in the cities which have access to the open sea, and those are: Rewal, Kolobrzeg, Ustronie Sea, Mielno, Darłowo, Ustka, Leba. Let’s see how great you can spend your time there. We trully recommend it!

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Certainly many of us, parents, sometimes wonder why our child is “not so” how we imagined and awaited, behaves “badly”, makes behavioral problems, that we cannot stand anymore. But have we ever wondered why this is happening and why we have such a thoughts? How can we help each other – parent and child – to be happy and be able to create and maintain a healthy long-term relationship? Today, we share some secrets and techniques of how to free ourselves and our children from the need of our …approbation, because the thing is about it. We invite you for the lecture! Continue reading


Coming soon…

Dear Readers! If any of you is still (or at all) reading me and has not yet lost faith in the appearance of new topics on this blog after such a long break, I could not wish of better reward for all the difficulties that have recently occurred in my life. Well. I am glad that my blog break at least partly covered with your Winter break. Although, I spent it differently than ever before (because in the hospital), but I hope you spent it in much more pleasant circumstances and conditions! Did you enjoy the snow and  Winter madness this year?

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