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Easter presents for Toddlers

What kind of Easter presents do you give in your country? Sweets (traditional chocolate bunnies and eggs), or toys as well? If toys too, here is our suggestion of good quality and educational toys, and more. Of course, traditionally, among them we present the books. Let’s see and enjoy the choice! Continue reading


Easter at home

We start pre-Easter week on the blog. Today, we recommend ideas for Easter decorations in our home. Besides, traditionally this week we will also present Easter songs in English, baking and decorating Easter cookies as well as suggestions for gifts, and more. Enjoy and wish you a nice preparation for holiday season! Continue reading


Gluten-free & lactose-free Pizza

How about a delicious weekendpizza? In addition, made from healthy natural ingredients. Did you know that the highest percentage of people with allergy to gluten in Europe are the Italians? Certainly, you will guess why yes, yes, they are the greatest pasta and pizza lovers! And of course – the masters of making them. I admit that I also love their pasta and pizza, and always when we are in their country on holidays, I eat those with the greatest culinary delight. However, from time to time it is good to eat pasta from gluten-free flour, as well as pizza on other than gluten dough. Today, we propose a pizza recipe for those of you with allergy to gluten (or those with intolerance) and those who do not tolerate lactose. Enjoy your meal! Continue reading


Fashionable Kid in Spring

Today we present an overview of Spring fashion hits for a toodler boy at the age of 3-6 years, offered by the most popular chain stores. Practical jackets, comfortable, warm and light jumpers, shoes with “healthy footer“, t-shirts with fancy printing for small hooligans – just ideal for this Spring! Here we go! Continue reading


Colorful mud

Do your children often get sick? Are you already run out of ideas how to spent the arduous time with them at home? I almost surrended … when a new idea came to mind again! Because which conscious (in this case: desperate?) mother would not come up with new ideas in this situation? :-) Well, if we can not go for a walk and ride a bike on the mud, then why not play with a mud at home? When my son loves it so much … and he is already being ill so long at home, there is nothing else but find out new solutions for creative playing … And so, here is our proposal of sensory great fun with race cars and colored paints! Continue reading


Fashionable Mom in Spring

Spring is knocking at our windows, and so new Spring fashion hits are appearing in boutiques. Today, we propose the review of newest proposals for Fashionable Mom in Spring, including the latest hits – spring coats, pastel sweaters, cardigans, jumpers and necessary spring accessories. Welcome to the presentation of several spring kits.

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Marble races & mosaics

Today, we would like to present creative toys, which are our recent discoveries and hits! Do you already know the fantastic marble races or unusual creative mosaics? Here is the presentation of the best of them. These toys stimulate creativity and senses, especially the hand-eye coordination. Also, they develop concentration and the ability to DIY. We highly recommend them!

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Kashtanky (un)usual days

Another Kashtanky day for some of us would pass just as an ordinary day. However, could any day be ordinary for small Kashtanky? Well, Mom Kashanka, as usually, gave a kiss for a good day, helped her children with morning errands and prepared breakfast. Dad Kasztanek helped them in the toilet and after breakfast, he went to job, giving his soon a lift to Kindergarten by the way. While Mom Kashtanka spent the day with small Lucy at home. However, for a small Fifi and even smaller Lulu, all of that looked very different, and thus, also for their parents. Starting from the morning, every day ran unusually for them.

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poradniki psychologiczne

Reliable psychological parenting guides

In the previous post of the Smart Parents Librarywe presented proven practical parenting guides. Today, we would like to present a few reliable psychological guides, which helped us to understand many troubling issues of marriage and parenting, and helped us to learn important techniques of communication as well as to improve and maintain healthy relationships in family (and not only!). Welcome to the presentation. Continue reading


Gluten-free chocolate muffins

Hey Kashtanky! Women’s Day is coming soon and we’ve got a recipe for spending it in a sweet way. Who of us, moms, does not like chocolate? I must admit that I am a big fan of it and therefore my son as well, unfortunately (or fortunately?). However, eating chocolate does not have to be unhealthy. Today we recommend a recipe for healthy, delicious gluten-free chocolate muffins. And by the way we wish all Women, especially Mothers, a wonderful sweet Women’s Day!

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