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Coming soon…

Dear Readers! We already leave for Spring holidays to relax and recharge for a further six months at least :-) But we are already planning for you some interesting topics after our return presentations of new creative games, toys and books, continuation of Conscious Parenting series, and finally the project Kashtanky with passion which will begin with surprises for conscious babies, and in the near future – for the whole family 🙂 You are welcome to follow us on our website! And in the meantime, we wish you a beautiful Spring and sunny holidays 🙂 Continue reading


Healthy homemade fast food

Honestly, admit that sometimes you like to eat at McDonalds or KFC. Well, I like, from time to time and I think it does not make any harm to our health 🙂 Especially, when shopping or traveling, it is nice to stop for a moment, catch breath and take pleasure! However, if you are supporters of healthy diet, like us, you can prepare quite healthy fast food at home. Today, we recommend delicious homemade chicken nuggets in a healthy (gluten-free) batter with baked potatoes 🙂 Perfect for family weekend! Continue reading

Emperor Penguins with chick

The role of mother and father in their son’s life

Recently, on many parenting blogs appeared topics like “my way of raising children And I often read the famous words Do not learn the tree, how to grow. Give it the sun, water, ground and air. The same follows with your child. Give him the conditions, inspire, show him the books, have fun with him. Set the limits, but only in case of safety and environment. There is no parent who would not agree with that, me too. However Continue reading


Places to go for Spring holidays

Do you have already planned the Spring holidays? Where do you go this year? If you have not yet decided, here are some proven beautiful places in Poland and abroad, where it is perfect to spend first days of May, when there is still not hot, but no longer cold weather. Welcome to the  Postcards from Spring holidayspresentation, from the places that we visited and especially recommend. Continue reading


Boon of natural yogurts

I must share with you my latest discovery in the field of healthy diet. Well, I have tasted natural yogurt from sheep’s milk, with its unique taste, far different from cow’s milk yogurt … It’s healthy, without any chemical additives, tested for allergic people, in a word – delicious NATURE! Moreover, these yogurts are ideal for people with lactose intolerance and who are on gluten-free diet. I recommend to try them! Continue reading


Baby in music school? Why not!

Dear Mom, do you sing lullabies and nursery rhymes to your baby? Dear Dad, do you play any instrument with your child? In short, do you like to play music with your children? Do you often play and sing at home? Well, even if not, would you like to play and sing together with other parents and their children in a unique place, where the music makes miracles learns and develops through a great musical fun? If so, we warmly invite you to such a place! Continue reading


5 tricks how to wean a child from…

I am sure that every mother had already heard advices from “wise men,” and all kinds of “experts” like “he still has the diaper?”, “so big and still has a soother?”, “does he already use the potty? “,”does he fall asleep alone? “,”do you still breastfeed him? “,”do you feed him with a bottle at night? , etc. This list is endless. And yes, it is annoying, especially when we conscious mothers, know what‘s the best for our children (and at the same time for us!) And we know that every child develops individually and everything comes at a certain time. Continue reading

child's toys on the clothesline

Spring cleanning on the blog

Spring is coming, time for cleanning! But not only at home or in the garden. In order to refresh the blog and improve communication on it, I introduced minor changes to the categories. However, the original target of the blog remains the same Conscious Parenting and Passion. Enjoy! Continue reading

mom dad I am watching you

Mom, dad, I am watching you

Do you also rest just after having holidays (I mean Easter, Christmas, etd)? Of course, if we can call it “rest” when you have to return to work and your daily duties at once... But the fact is that there is no mother who would not prepare her family for these holy days, whether in the kitchen or by cleaning up, not to mention shopping, as well as whole coordination and organization of family meetings and travelling. And it is really not what these holidays mean, right? Today, I would like to tell you about what has especially touched me during this Easter Continue reading


Tofu cheesecake

Today’s recipe for a delicious tofu cheesecake closes the pre-Easter week and we are left only to celebrate and savor this Easter, which we sincerely wish you. And if you have not yet baked any cake, we recommend this simple and tasty recipe for lactose-free, gluten-free and eggs-free cheesecake. Of course, as in all our recipes you choose to customize it according to your needs. We wish you a tasty baking and wonderful Family Easter!

Continue reading