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Made in Poland – exceptional and with passion!

Well, it seams half of my readers are people who live abroad, which makes me very happy. Just behind the Polish readers are the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and others. That’s probably because I write my blog also in English and raise topics related to parenting based on the theories of world fameous specialists. Besides, I praise / recommend foreign products (toys and not only), the way of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition, which are practiced in the world, etc. However, I would like to dedicate today’s post to our Polishness, Polish products and producers, and thereby show to the world what does it mean – Made in Poland 🙂 Continue reading


Mother’s Day on Kashtanova Street

On the Kashtanova Street, there was a day like every day, but yet a little bit different one. First of all – it was rainy. But still, at Kashtanky home there was a lot of sun, like usually. Mom Kashtanka was already preparing breakfast, while next to her was sitting little Lucy, when suddenly a little Fifi ran into the kitchen:
– Mom, I want to hug you!
– Oh, Fifi, how nice it is to be hugged in the very morning – told the mother, hugging her son too.

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“Kashtanky with passion” project in progress!

I could not resist not revealing to you some secret, since things I am planning for a long time are slowly becoming tangible! For here they are finally – these small wonders – and this is only a small preview and label of what is going really on 😉 I am happy like a child today! As already mentioned – the Kashtanky with passion  project will begin the surprises for the youngest, and who knows maybe in the near future for the older ones as well, but for the time beinghush-hush 😉 Continue reading


Results and inspiring conclusions from our competition

Dear Readers! Thank you all for such a big interest in our competition and participation in it 🙂 This competition was aimed mainly to promote English language learning (and in general foreign languages learning) from the earliest years of life, in which you have helped us immensely! Today, we would like to announce the results and present conclusions that we have raised during this competition. Enjoy! Continue reading


Baby English? Why not!

During our FB lottery, in which you can win a unique book with all known English lullabies and rhymes, we would like to highligh the topic of learning a foreign language with our babies. Did you know that music and rhythm, combined with gestures and movements is the most effective way to learn a foreign language? Children learn words through the gestures which they perform while singing, and the repeated words effectively recod in their memory. Continue reading


Presents for Children’s Day

These days, you can find lots of proposals of gifts for Children’s Day on many parenting blogs. Starting with these branded marvelous wooden (and not only) toys (Mamissima, Ładnebebe, Haba, Erzi, Djeco), books (Dwie Siostry), ending with other creative ones (Quercetti, Hape). Therefore, we will not duplicate those inspirations (though we also recommend them!). In return, we will present some interesting toys that have recently attract the attention of our son, and also we will encourage you to take part in a lottery, in which you can win a very unique thing for your child! Let’s see! Continue reading


Presents for Mother’s Day

Recently, there have already appeared many proposals for Children’s Day on the parenting blogs, we will soon propose our own too (with a small surprise competition for your little toddlers!). But first, we will start from the propositions of gifts for Mother’s Day, because all Moms should be shown gratitude, praise and given a priceless smile of their children in the first place 🙂 So let’s take a look how to make them smile! Continue reading


Unusual animated picture book

The book New York in Pyjamarama, which recently joined our Smart Kid Library, and which we will present today, is not an ordinary book. This are magical moving pictures, which certainly will attract attention of any toddler for a longer time. In this book, there was used a very old technique of animationombro cinema” – based on an optical illusion. You just put a striated foil (attached to the book) on the pictures and very slowly move from one edge side to the other, and the pictures come alive! We recommend it and wish you a lot of fun. Continue reading


Wolin Island – shots from Spring holidays

How was your Spring holiday? Which places have you visited? Did you have good weather? This year, we spent these few days of rest at the Polish seaside. This time, on the Western coast in Miedzywodzie on Wolin island, where the Spring has already arrived and the weather was good. Of course, we spent our time on the beach in a slightly different way than in Summer, because the temperatures are still hesitating and cool breeze still blows from the East 🙂 Enjoy a few shots. We recommend this place for a very relaxing holiday. Just take a look how beautiful our Polish country is! Continue reading