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8 movies for relaxing Summer evening

I must admit that me and my husband – we are big movie fans. Although, when it comes to television, I can count on my fingers the number of times it was turned on for the past 10 years in our home. However, our projector and screen are very often in use. We also try to go to the cinema, whenever we have the opportunity (our nanny or grandmother takes care of our son). Then it is just a moviegoer feast! Today, we recommend a few films that we have seen in recent months, and which will relax you, or in some way make you reborn again

In the times before the birth of our son (haha, how it sounds!), we watched all the movies on a regular basis – Oscars winners, not the Oscars winners, everything that was currently going on. At the moment, we do not practice it anymore so intensely, which is a pity. Even in the first few months,  when our son was born, we were able to watch a movie, when he tasty and deeply slept on mine or my husband’s belly, bathed and fed before 😉 But now, there are so many things happening in our life, as well as we have many changes ahead – that  we simply have no power or time for cinema, even at home. But, we try to take advantage as much as we can and if there is only a possibility in the evening  (which means – our eyes are not so much sleepy, our minds still have forces to connect our cinema resources, our son is sleeping, etc.), we turn our projector on , which we also recommend to you to not go crazy being overwhelmed with daily ditues :-) And so, in recent months, we watched several films. Actually, maybe more than several, but for today’s presentation I chose the ones that particularly touched us. But, I’m not a super-reviewer, I rather much more love to watch movies than to discuss them. I prefer to keep inside myself what I watched and felt. Today, however, I will try to write a few words for you, because these films are really worth seeing!

MV5BMTA1ODUzMDA3NzFeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU3MDgxMTYxNTk@._V1_SX214_AL_About time

A film like Love Actually or Notting Hill which you can watch 100 times and never get bored, but always be touched. We have recently watched this movie again for relaxation. Because we were very captivated by its unique atmosphere and romance with a mix of comedy and drama, which adds flavor to all British films of this type. First of all, there is Rachel McAdams starring, who I just love. She has something magic that every film in which she playsimmediately gets added value (even such sellout as Sherlock Homles). Here, in the role of Mary, she is as always natural, spontaneous, charming and delightful, while partnering her Domhnall Gleeson who seemed to be inconspicuous as a pillar of salt in the role of Tim he turns out to be simply disarming and perfectly complements the duo.

Clipboard012Extremely endearing is the role of the father of Tim, played by as always unique in his role Bill Nighy. Another person by which the film takes on the value. And even for this role the movie is worth being watched.

Clipboard01The story is original (there is even a motive of transfering in time, but why – you have to watch yourselves!). Fairytale with atmosphere full of love for which you fight to the end, atmosphere full of family warmth, joy, but as well as tears and sacrifice.

MV5BMjE1OTU5MjU0N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzI3OTU5Ng@@._V1_SX214_AL_The Vow

Another story about love that will endure anything, and always wins. You will laugh and cry at the same time. Here, the story is also remarkable, and also with a certain theme of transfering in time”, but in other circumstances. And with Rachel McAdams starring, who is as always phenomenal and spontaneous, together with charming refuge of peace Channing Tatum what more could you want 😉 A large dose of positive energy flows to you from the screen! It is about passion, burdens, which are however always to bo overcomed and about true love which can not deceive, even if everybody else says so and is against us.

Clipboard013 Clipboard014

MV5BNjAxMTI4MTgzMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTAwODEwMjE@._V1_SX214_AL_Begin again

A movie in which I did not expect much (as usually happens in many American productions), and here such a surprise! Filmed almost casually, with an extremely nice atmosphere and action slowly rolling down the streets of New York City and beyond. The history of a music producer (Mark Ruffalo), who is not quite happy with his family life, as well as on his professional field (well, one has to do with the other). But he does not give up and still looks for the meaning of life, until there comes a moment in which everything is born again. This begins when he notices a unique talent in a humble girl (Keira Knightley). Then, his and his loved ones’ life will take on new colors. The film is other than the above ones, with a remarkable story, music and a surprising ending. You may be surprised, but here is Keira Knightley singing (by the way, I really like her and it is for her that I watched this movie). Did you know that she can sing so alluring? Listen to and watch the movie at least for this extraordinary music:

Really pleasantly surprising movie, recommended!

MV5BMjkzNzQ2NDMyNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTY3MTcxMjE@._V1_SX214_AL_This is where I leave you

Another American production that has not disappointed me recently. Because honestly I do not like and often do not get this specific American style in which they release most movies, especially comedies. In any case, this film is different than the typical American, though there are also those moments” I have mentioned, the whole guiding story is quite on the level. After the death of the father, whole family meets and stays on longer in the house of their mother (for her instigation, of course). It comes to interesting confrontations of each of the siblings (because, as it happens in every family – some are set very well in their lives, while others are the black sheep). There is a lot of confidences, reconciliations, laugh, but also emotions. They even smoke marijuana, well, because it opens the door to every soul, as you can see below 😉Clipboard01aClipboard01bRelaxing, easy story, with interesting motives (love too – of course!). And as always perfect Jane Fonda in the role of mother. It is worth to relax with this film.

MV5BMTk5NzI5OTA4MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjc4NTM3MjE@._V1_SX214_AL_St. Vincentanoher phenomenal American production. History of a bored, tatters older man who keeps making the lives of others worse, especially in the neighborhood. But as it always happens in such cases behind this there is hidden a quite heavy personal history. Fortunately, in his surroundings there appears a family, or rather a single mother with a teenage son, with whom the man will spend a lot of time. Amazingly, a truly friendly relationship establishes between them with mutual profit 🙂 Just watch it, exceptionally for the amazing role of Bill Muray. You will not waste time on this film, but rather gain a lot

Clipboard01l Clipboard01z

MV5BMjI4NjkxODMyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODYwODQ5MTE@._V1_SX214_AL_If I stay

This is a drama made in the USA, after which, contrary to what could be expected – you will relax, though some moments are really heavy. I thought it is just another banal tale of teenage love, however, this one is just really captivating. This is a story of a great family, love, with beautiful classical music combined with rock pop,  which shows how two different worlds can complement each other. Sincere love, passion, dedication, support and determination. Beautiful soundtrack (recommended!). Also, a very professional play of talented young actors. Nothing more, nothing less, just sit in front of the screen and enjoy.

Clipboard01i Clipboard01o

And at the end – two strong accents:


The film is based on facts. It will crush you, but in a positive way. After that, you will feel reborn again. A film about the extraordinary musical passion and determination almost leading to death, but, well sometimes it is needed, especially in circumstances such as those shown here. And all thanks to a slightly” demanding master (winner of this year’s Oscar for this role JK Simmons), who on his way meets a young talented boy (Miles Teller). This meeting will change everything in the life of a boy. It will make him overcome much more than he expected. It must be mentioned that the boy does not have a cheerful family story, it‘s not like talented youngsters who have supporting parents or sponsors. And yet, with his hard work, heachieves the target. And not only on his professional background. Because it is like that when you overcome one burden, everything else gets easier at the same time 😉
So, have you ever met such a “tyrant” on your way? (because I have…)

Clipboard01mhave you ever been put in similar situation? (I have…)
Clipboard01sClipboard01hWell, in fact I did not have my hands hurt like this boy … but my psycho .. 😉 Well, at least I am now in a place where I certainly would not have been if not some choices, demanding job and people that I met on my way as it also happens in the case of this young hero of the film. And here, I am not talking about the great mentors that we can choose (it would be nice to be able to choose a good mentor, but people that are put on our way, most often are not selected). Also, I do not approve mental or physical abuse, but sometimes you have to meet on your way (at work, at school, etc.)  such a “catalyst” to move on in your life, to fight, to just show that you do not give up and come to an end. But bearing in mind that all this is happening in tune with what our heart desires. Because if not, it is not worth even moving a finger. I recommend this movie for such personal thoughts 😉 Well, I could not omit to mention about the phenomenal spirited soundtrack – a real treat and great concert for every music lover!

7665300.3Still Alice

Julianne Moore is one of the actresses of the older generation (like my favorite Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, etc.) that wherever she plays or shows on, the success is guaranteed. For the role in Still Alice, she quite deserved an Oscar. It is based on a true story of a young lady professor who discovers early symptoms of Alzheimer’s. But how does she face it and what role here will play her family and the loved ones – I leave to you, so that you can enjoy it watching as I did. I only would like to mention the great role of Kristen Stewart, which made me very surprised. Because most viewers take her as a phlegmatic girl with a wry smile on her face, but in this film you will be surprised when you see the real possibilities of her acting. Likewise, Alec Baldwin – took me by his role of Alice’s husband. I never thought that one day I will like him.
A very touching story, squeezing tears, but also reassuring that not everything tragic which happens to us in life means the end. Sometimes it’s just the beginning!

m m1So which movie convinces you?
And what movies do you recommend?

*all the pictures come from imdb.com


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