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Second child has stopped my time

Imagining myself as a mother of two childrenI expected everything , but not what actually is happening. I was prepared for a rather constant lack of time, chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, of course interspersed with great joy and happiness, but anyway… I was afraid, too, that a second child will not bring much enthusiasm as the first, but rather more routine, so-called and there we go again”. Moreover, I had concerns about jealousy of my elder son. And although our daughter is still an infant, although I know that everything can still change and a lot of new experiences are still ahead, at this moment time has stopped for me Continue reading


Child’s emotional intelligence

In the face of recent shocking events extremely cruel rampant of hate before and after the suicide of a teenager called by others “homo” – it is necessary to stress how important it is our the parents’ – role in the development of our children’s emotional intelligence . As you can see, unfortunately after the sad fact, not all of us are aware of this and it is certainly not that easy. However, I invite you to explore it a bit more deepr and get know a reliable method of dealing with emotions.

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