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Second child has stopped my time

Imagining myself as a mother of two childrenI expected everything , but not what actually is happening. I was prepared for a rather constant lack of time, chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, of course interspersed with great joy and happiness, but anyway… I was afraid, too, that a second child will not bring much enthusiasm as the first, but rather more routine, so-called and there we go again”. Moreover, I had concerns about jealousy of my elder son. And although our daughter is still an infant, although I know that everything can still change and a lot of new experiences are still ahead, at this moment time has stopped for me

After what we experienced almost four years ago when our son was born, we were prepared for the second child as a battalion of troops. You may laugh, but I’m serious. Of course, our son is our dream, I could not even dream of a better one. He is a wonderful, unique, clever boy, delights and surprises us till today. He gives us a lot of reasons for joy, happiness and pride. However, the fact is  that we experienced with him a “school of life”, school of humility, self-denial of ego and many other difficult steps during the first years of his life. Well, which child does not serve this to his parents? Maybe only one child – less and another one – more intensely. Well .. we got the second option 😉 And no, it is not about the fact that you look after the first child like after a gem. In our case it lasts until today, only  our son’s stages of development change, but it looks more or less like a constant chase after him, because that is his speed 😉 On the one hand, it is better that our son is not sitting and just staring, but rather acting. But on the other hand, many mommys probably experienced something like – from the belly to the creeping, crawling and getting up, then to sitting and walking, and finally a clever speech – without respite and stop for 3 years. We more or less experienced so … Not to mention many hours of crying because of food intolerance, countless visits at the doctor becasue of different illnesses and sleepless teething nights, etc. Finding ways for your child to eat what he can eat. And no, I do not speak of my sorrow or anything like that. I am grateful for every moment spent with my son and I would not change it for anything else. I had support and all this was to survive, we accepted it, we were finding solutions and with joint forces we survived by focusing more on the positive side of such parenting and by creating ourselves happier moments 😉 Who does not do that for their children? Today, our son is a cheerful, resolute and fantastic boy and he continues to grow. I know that memories of those early years are probably nothing compared to what awaits us 😉 Because as the saying goes – “small children – small problem, big children – big problem”. And we are parents for the end of our life and this role at every stage we need to meet.

Well, to be honest, after it all I could not find forces for the second child. But this moment has come at least and despite the fact that next pregnancy was not so colorful, happily awaited and joyful as the first one. Because the first five months were very hard, spent a couple of times in the hospital and there were moments when we were prepared for everything another school of life”. However, somewhere up there … there was written for us a happy ending, and so is our dreamed, wonderful and patiently awaited daughter with us today.

And it is … simply wonderful! I would never expect that I could again enjoy a second child. Those little hands, feet, eyes, nose, ears, lips, sweet smell and soft body … even the tears, although in her case is rather sweet tiny whimper. Moreover, is it at all possible that she sleeps all night and half of the day? To only get up to eat and go back to sleep again? How is it possible to get up in the morning earlier from her? To await at the cradle when she will cry, when she wakes up? Is it even possible that as she wakes up she looks and plays with her little hands instead of crying? And when she does not sleep – she quietly sits in my or my  husband’s shoulders and looks at everything around with those sweet eyes so peacefully … almost without move? I wonder if this is normal 😉 And is it not beautiful when our son is singing her lullabies, playing the piano, rattles toys? When he hugs her, caresses and kisses? And helps his dad in her bath?

Am I dreaming? For me, the time has stopped … Would anyone believe that with two children you can stop the time? A moment ago I was on the run, here and there, to catch it all And now … I feel incredible peace of mind, do not know where it came from … but let it be as long as possible

I celebrate every moment together, every walk, every day and night. In the evening, I watch my children sleeping and I can not believe I’m so lucky having them next to Is not it a miracle how such a tiny creature purrs during sleep, making swet faces? Same as our son did four years ago Just amazing, poignant

Remain magical moment, do not wake me up







6 thoughts on “Second child has stopped my time

  1. Magda

    Trwaj, chwilo trwaj! – życzę z całego serca. Sama jestem mamą dwójki (prawie 5 i 3 latka) i czasem sama się zastanawiam “dlaczego teraz mi się chce, jak kiedyś kiedy ich nie było mi się nie chciało, skąd te siły, skąd ten czas jak wcześniej go nie było”? Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

    1. Kashtanky Post author

      Dziękuję 🙂 Dokładnie takie same pytania sobie zadaję i nawet jak zdarza się też kryzys, to z nikim bym się nie zamieniła ani czasu nie cofnęła 😉 Tobie również tego życzę!


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