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Miracle of ordinary days

Summer is ending, so sunny and carefree time too. Kids come back to kindergarten, teenagers – to school, adults – to work. All of them full of impressions and holiday adventures. These days, parenting blogs were presenting lot of different layettes to kindergarten /school, etc. At work, people fall into the wave of new projects. Time goes on, it is no longer as colorful, routine is returning in our days. But how to see something unique or create this uniqueness in an ordinary day? It turns out that very little is needed to do something special or even ponder over the miracle of ordinary days. Everything depends on ourselves.


This summer was particularly special for me, even though I did not go for holidays and every day looked almost the same. It gave me a lot of joy from the enlargement of my family, admiration for the miracle of birth and the miracle of life in general. What I felt, what I saw and what I experienced – this is mine and nobody can take that away from me. I could complain about the last six months, which I spent laying alternately at home and at hospital and how it reflected on my family. I could complain on unpleasant memories from hospital (unfortunately the reality in Polish hospitals is still not a reason for pride). I could complain for “the repeat of entertainment,” after almost 4 years of intensive custody of my son, an infinite number of hours spent on babysitting my daughter during the last two months, and far less than before spent with my son. Then, I could complain for disrupted sleeping resulting in a poor daily functioning, not much opportunities to enjoy the summer (heat too heavy for the baby, but fortunately we managed to make small one-day trips). And so on can be listed. Certainly, each of us could have many things to mention here. But it’s nothing comparing to my happiness and gratitude for the fact that all this is happening, even when with last ounce of strength, but definitely with more patience (surely acquired within all these years of experience 😉 ). Nothing can interrupt my joy from the view of my smiling daughter in my arms and from hugging my son.

There is a fameous journalist Regina Brett, of whom many remarkable essays can be found in her bestsellers: God never blinks“, “Be the miracle,” and others. She shows the stories of people living next to us, whose lives could be a reflection of ours. However, she shows the joy in celebrating the moments, the miracles in days that seem to be common, while in this ordinariness they are simply unique. And it depends only on us whether we see them in that way or simply routine. Bob Marley once said, “Some people feel the rain, while others just get wet.

Taking all-day care of my daughter andall the rest as before, I do not have much time for reading books now. But Regina Brett essays are so interesting, and at the same time so brief and specific in content, that I read them with pleasure in the evenings. Many of them I will remember, especially one entitled The Secret of Life”, in which she writes about the perception of uniqueness in every moment. But how to do it when we are earning money and we are overwhelmed with daily duties? Simply – be present “here and now“. Without thinking about what will happen in the future or what happened in the past (unless we recall good moments, but without regretting that they will not return).  Simply be. Enjoy what is happening now. Right here. Just now. Everywhere around you.

So what is the secret of our life? Nothing else but small miracles of ordinary days. Regina Brett mentions many examples of them, just buy her book and enjoy reading! You will be surprised how many miracles can be found in our daily routine, such as: ask someone to dance, a bowl of muesli with milk before going to bed, the cool side of pillow, someone who I can confide in, put little notes to someone’s lunchbox, bring someone flowers, large crispy apple, getting handwritten letters, to know where all the birds’ nests are, rides in the countryside, trips to the ocean, the first snow of the year, roll down the hill, children’s games, a couple of warm gloves, a box of sixty-four crayons, never grow up, never get old, forget about what I was a angry for, pray for others, love to grandson, making eagles in the snow, etc. And this is only the beginning of the list 🙂

When we deeper think about it, it turns out that we can find many our miracles, and this is what we live for!

For example, mine will be:

the taste of chocolate with hazelnuts
voice of rain on the windows and roof
Nick Cave’s ballads
trying new dishes
pasting photographs to family and holiday albums
interesting reading
learning something with passion
mastery acting of favorite actor
a phone call from my husband during the day
texting message to my husband during the day
mail from and to a friend
look in the eyes, smile and wishing a nice day to the saleswoman in the shop
walking in the rain under umbrella
creaking swing in the garden of grandmother
the smell of cake baked by grandmother and its taste
rustling leaves under our foot
make a snowman with children
rainbow after the rain
a cat purring
patting a cat

smile of a child
Jane Austen’s novels
help someone in need
be proud from our performance
praise someone for results
make a dream come true

the taste of cotton candy at the city festival
scream “echo” in the mountains
developping skills
climb to the top of a mountain and admire the breathtaking view
recalling swimming in the warm ocean or turquoise sea
the joy of a child running around in the rain
touch of sand in our hands at the beach
tickle a child and his laugh
play cards with siblings
catch fire in the fireplace in the fall or winter
paint a picture
lend something
view of blooming orchids on our own windowsill
count the stars in the sky
rest after hard work
play sonnet on the piano
Alicia Keys’ voice
make someone a joy
mention first dance on our wedding
the taste of raspberry and blueberry in summer
relaxing shower after a busy day
walk on the beach in the morning
the taste of coffee in a cafe in a small market square
the warmth of sunlight on my face
flowers from my husband
guessing the shapes of clouds
rampage at a concert
admire someone else’s talent with pounding heart or goose-flesh
the smell of cut grass
baking muffins with our child
see carefree dancing of an elderly couple
a good movie tonight
view of a sleeping child
feed and watch the birds at the feeder in winter
cinema with friends
sleeping well
celebrating family gatherings
horse riding
dress the Christmas tree on Christmas
dipping feet in a brisk stream of the river or in a wave of the sea
ride on the carousel (laughing loudly or shouting joyfully)
gossip with a friend
date with my husband
be able to ask for help
listen to favourite music
admire the shapes of snowflakes on the sleeve
taking pictures
singing carols
ski in the morning on the freshly prepared slope
wrap in the quilt in winter evening
take a newborn baby into arms
admire the beauty of old towns
moment for prayer / meditation
watch cartoons with child
an evening walk through the market square
enjoying a delicious glass of wine
beautiful Polish Golden Autumn
collecting chestnuts with children in the park

I mentioned so a lot of miracles… and that’s not all … 😉

And how about you? Do do you notice and celebrate such moments during your day?
What are your miracles of every day?


3 thoughts on “Miracle of ordinary days

  1. Magda

    “Tu i teraz” – moje motto tak na prawdę odkąd zostałam mamą. Wcześniej wszystko było w biegu, byle do wyjazdu, wakacji, spotkania ze znajomymi, … każda pora roku jednakowa. Często nad tym rozmyślałam kiedy żałowałam, że coś za szybko minęło i tak doszłam do wniosku, że to ja wszystko przyśpieszam bo ciągle na coś czekam – ale “naczasownikowałam” 😉 Teraz? Dostrzegam pory roku i każdą z nich lubię tak samo, cieszę się dniem dzisiejszym! Bo to co TERAZ jest ważne. Głęboki tekst. Moje cuda dnia “zwyczajnego” – małe główki wychylające się w środku nocy za rogu z pytającą minką czy mogą do nas przyjść do łóżka, pobudki książką w głowę by razem poczytać, wspólne spacery po lesie jesienią, górskie wycieczki, nasze wycieczki rowerowe, …. a nawet nasze wspólne powroty z wakacji samochodem, gdzie śpiewamy na maksa, wspominamy i przekrzykujemy się co się komu bardziej podobało. Śpiące główki obok nas w nowym miejscu – takie ufne i szczęśliwe bo z rodzicami.

    1. Kashtanky

      Święte słowa! To niesamowite jak dzieci pomagają nam zmieniać spojrzenie na świat, powrócić do tego radosnego celebrowania każdej chwili, tu i teraz 🙂 Życzę Wam jak najwięcej takich wspólnych momentów, które czynią życie szczęśliwym i wyjątkowym 🙂


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