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Kashtanky sensory toys

That’s how it goes when something wrong is happening, then all at once, but it works the other way too when it is going well, then also all at once 🙂 As you know, recently we have experienced a lot of good changes in our life and hence a longer pause on our blog. However, today, finally we have an opportunity to share another news, namely we would like to present you new surprises in our Kashtanky with passion boutique. They are sweet kashtanky sensory and creative toys for the youngest toddlers. We recommend them!


Toddlers love to roll and throw balls.
Rattle and listen.
Admire the
Play with ribbons
Cuddle, touch
they learn the surrounding world.
Our kashtanky fulfill all these functions 🙂
for every baby who is curious about the world!
You can buy them HERE.

And here they are! 🙂
For a
baby boy and a baby girl as well!

IMG_8933 IMG_8930 IMG_8929 IMG_8927kasztanki kashtanky

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