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How to raise a gourmet. Cooking with kids

Many parents think up how to encourage their child do eat anything (except of sweets of course), not to mention full five valuable meals during the day. I admit that we also experienced this with our son. It required from us doubled efforts in the kitchen and resulted in the fact that today, he eats many dishes, among of which there are many his favorite. How, then, encourage our child to eat? How to show that cooking can be fun and useful?

What has helped us, above all, it was to encourage and engage our son in cooking together, which often could be seen in our KITCHEN. And while he would mostly still bake MUFFINS (healthy!) and then eat them all at once, it is anyway worth to start with them just to encourage your child to assist in the kitchen. It is such a fun and by the way education too. Today, our son helps to prepare almost every meal and then he eats it willingly. Can be? Yes!

Besides, recently, there has appeared a unique Cookbook by Dwie Siostry Publishing House. It’s simply a hit in the category of “cooking with kids”! I wish we got it earlier into our hands. Who does not have it yet – go quick to buy it! We could already meet the friends from Seasons books (HERE on our blog) What can I say – you can not dislike them. Every season, beautifully illustrated by Rotraut Susanne Berner, we experience with them. While in the new Cookbook, we have the opportunity to cook with them. The book includes 50 favorite recipes among which you find pancakes, pizza, spaghetti or tomato soup. However, there are not only traditional recipes, but also some from oriental kitchen.

pulubioneHowever, what makes it unique is that it is as beautifully illustrated, and above all – wonderfully captures the atmosphere of seasonality in the kitchen. The book is divided on 4 chapters – 4 seasons.

s_1s3s2s4 In this way, children not only learn about tradition and what treasures we get in every season, as well as which delicious dishes we can prepare from them, but also adults get a lot of interesting recipes.

seasonsSpring is full of grant salads, herbs and spring vegetables

wiosna_aSummer brings sweet fruits and vegetables, ideal for salads, jams, cakes, yogurts.

lato_aIn Autumn, there is time for mushrooms, chestnuts, pumpkin soup and home made tea with apples.

jesienAnd in Winter we make punch for children with cloves, cinnamon and licorice root.

zimaDo you already feel the flavor and atmosphere of each season? Children will certainly have fun in the kitchen thanks to this beautiful illustrations.

In the book, you will also find plenty of practical advice, eg. How to grow tomatoes

IMG_9998How to make your own preservesIMG_0012What kind of kitchen tools we have and how to use themIMG_9997and also how to grow your own herbs, how to make your own cookbook, how to slice an onion not to cry, why curry is yellow, where comes stevia from, and many other valuable tips.

In one word – beautiful culinary treasure for the whole family.

Let’s see what fun we had with this book 🙂

Because we have a beautiful time of year – Autumn – we chose the cake with seasonal fruits.

IMG_967821 3 6What do you think about such conscious cooking together? We recommend it and encourage!

This article was written in collaboration with Dwie Siostry publishing house, whose books we love and we highly recommend! And by the way thank you very much for this beautiful gift book 🙂



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