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Autumn with Bumbleride Indie 4

Choosing the right trolley is a challenge for parents. Before the birth of my second child, being already richer with the experience of the previous trolley, I spent a lot of time in search of the ideal one – that meets not only my child but also my needs. In the case of the first trolley, I did not realize that what is safe and comfortable for my son is actually uncomfortable for me (eg. large stroller, big wheels, high weight, poor maneuverability). Now, I have a trolley that satisfies me and my and daughter in any case. Bumbleride Indie 4 meets all our needs.


If you are looking for a trolley which is comfortable and safe so for the child as for the parent, has a unique design, yet it is easy to “drive”, weighs only 10kg (which is like salvation for my poor backbone after carrying the previous much heavier wheelchair), then – which perfectly manages both in the city and in the terrain, which you fold with one movement and which fits in every trunk- that this strolley is for you! Aluminium, light and stable frame, bearings, amortization and pumped all wheels, gondola and seat made of soft and ecological organic materials (recycled and bamboo), which naturally absorb moisture, regulate temperature and prevent from the growth of bacteria. Shed folded with one hand. Light and deep gondola, very easy to disassemble (by 2 clicks). Easy to use adapters for a car seat. Moreover, the ability to customize the stroller from the first days of our baby’s life. Nice extras (cup holder, ribbon handle, etc.).  Original colors to choose from. What can I say – comfortable, safe, lightweight, agile, graceful, very pleasant and easy to use trolley in a quite reasonably price for such a quality.


You can  read about it more HERE and see such a movie. We have 4-wheels version, but there are also 3-wheels ones.

I know that we welcome winter in a moment, but the entire previous month we hosted BEAUTIFUL POLISH GOLD AUTUMN and I hope that you enjoyed its charms as much as possible, just as we did. Forgive our long absence here, but after several years of illness spent in four walls at home, this autumn we took advantage of every second spent outside. We made up for all the times 😉

Here are our memories of our this autumn walks

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