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Recommended toys – just perfect for a present

Christmas is coming If you are still wondering what new and unique, and by the way educative to give to your little babies or toddlers, we propose you our tested toys. Especially, we recommend toys of Canadian company B-Toys, of which a motto is Be you be yourself. No matter what you are, it’s important to always be yourself.” Enjoy!
Almost every parent knows HAPE, HABA, DJECO, ERZI, QUERCETTI, MELISSA & DOUG.
HERE are our proposals of their toys that are timeless and perfect as a gift for any occasion. Also, children enjoy the timeless toys of the old French company with tradition Vulli. We also recommend unique products made of natural fabrics (nice, gentle, very soft in touch!) and the possibility to embroider personal dedication – from Polish company Martello.

But B-Toys is our present absolute hit!
The manufacturer himself says “The toys are unique, inspiring individuality. Surprising colors, shapes, sounds and functions. Developing and stimulating imagination and senses. Creative. Intelligent. Charming.”
All of this we confirm and encourage you to find out on your own 🙂

And here are our proposals for babies

prezenty maluch1. suitcase Vulli
2. pillow from Martello
3. our kashtanky sensory toys
4. our kashtanky baby rompers
5. educational bricks B-toys
6. bugs B-Toys
7. rain rush B-Toys
8. giraffe Sophie Vulli
9. hugs links B-Toys

and for toddlers…prezenty starszak1. tangram
2. Boon pipes
3. Christmas music boxes
4. constructive bricks B-toys
5. constructive bricks Zoob
6. wooden bricks B-toys
7. jewellery creative set B-toys
8. English nursery rhymes (HERE more)

Enjoy your choices 🙂

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