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Best English dictionary for kids

Dear Readers! Just like last year, this winter was also a very hard time for us. Those from you who have small children, especially preschoolers, they know what I mean. Our “winter sleep” lasted for almost three months … But all our last year’s winter and Easter posts (skiing, winter holidays, Easter, pastries, etc.) are always actual and despite a break on our blog, we recorded a lot of entries to those topics, which makes us very happy. Now, we slowly awake and welcome the Spring. Despite our break, we did not idle, and so today we can present the best Dictionary of English for children.

We promoted learning English from an early ages many times in our blog HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

This winter we got a truly unique Dictionary of English for kids by Usborne PublishingBig Book of English Words.

It is just perfect for preschoolers starting their adventure with English, as well as for the first years of school.


This dictionary has a beautiful layout and pictures, that will surely catch the attention of every child. Children love to turn big pages of large books, on which a lot is happening. And with those 34 pages of the dictionary, which are packed with 1000 words, children can not be bored. A very interesting, almost universal solution is that next to the English words do not appear equivalents in foreign language but pictures only. As a result, detailed illustrations directly encourage kids to learn and help them to remember new words. Besides, the book is divided very cleverly and thematically. It presents various situations, almost every sphere of our life, from the family home, through how our body is built, what clothes do we wear, what kind of hobbies do we have, as well as what is happening in the city, in the countryside, in school or at work. Moreover, this dictionary teaches to count in English, to name the colors and shapes, and to distinguish time of year and day, as well as opposites.
You can hear how to say all the words in this book on the link here below (it is also to be found in the dictionary):
Let’s see how the book presents itself.





Our 4-years-old son spent looong winter evenings with this dictionary and is still not bored 🙂 We highly recommend it!
Dictionary can bought HERE.
Just ideal for a unique gift!



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