English Easter songs

Do you like to sing with your children? Did you know that such singing has a positive impact on  learning […]


Easter cookies

Today, we will be baking traditional Easter cookies and decorating them. We recommend a simple proven recipe (including the gluten-free, eggs-free […]


Easter presents for Toddlers

What kind of Easter presents do you give in your country? Sweets (traditional chocolate bunnies and eggs), or toys as […]


Easter at home

We start pre-Easter week on the blog. Today, we recommend ideas for Easter decorations in our home. Besides, traditionally – […]


Baby English? Why not!

During our FB lottery, in which you can win a unique book with all known English lullabies and rhymes, we […]

mom dad I am watching you

Mom, dad, I am watching you

Do you also rest just after having holidays (I mean Easter, Christmas, etd)? Of course, if we can call it […]


Tofu cheesecake

Today’s recipe for a delicious tofu cheesecake closes the pre-Easter week and we are left only to celebrate and savor […]


Winter fun in Livigno

Dear Readers! We hope that your Christmas time passed pleasantly and family like. After the long break, smiling and relaxed, […]