“If you live in the past, you are unhappy, if you live in the future, you are stressed out. You could be really happy only if you live in the present.” Dalajlama


Welcome to my blog dedicated to the Present Parents – parents who are raising the Children of Future. That is, to all those who wish to share passions and ideas for unusual Family Life (and life in general) and pass all this magnificence to our dear Descendants 🙂

The content of this blog is based on Conscious Parenting fundations, in which I am interested from many years. However, my intention is not specifically advice in the area of obvious parenting issues, because it has already been made ​​in a number of well-known, very good guides, TV programs, and on many parenting websites. I realize that every more or less conscious parent, knows it all or maybe even more. Also, I do not have a medicine for everything, because, like all of us – I also make mistakes and I am still learning. However, being deeply involved in Family Life from many years, I acknowledged causes of different difficulties and would like to share found and proven ways to deal with them as well as avoid them. Actually, I would not like to impose particular solutions, but rather support finding an individual solution and working it out together, to feel the real parental happiness, hence – the whole family happiness. Thus, this blog is a set of different guidelines based on a presentation of my own experience and continuous effort to be a conscious parent, which means – a conscious human.

For me, Conscious Parenting is a parenting in which we find so much joy as when collecting chestnuts in the park (is there anyone who does not like to collect chestnuts?). Namely: here and now joyfully involved in every moment spent with our children, completely free from all worries.

20140929_175506Children are truly happy, because they always fully focus only on good things which happen here and now. It is great to take an example from them! Hence the name of my blog, providing my Readers experience of full carefree and happy family adventure. Therefore, I wish to emphasize the meaning of Conscious Parenting and strongly encourage to practice it. What I mean is that we all are really good and happy parents, only more or less conscious 🙂 So, I invite you to experience the most important, most challenging, but also the most beautiful adventure of life, which is CONSCIOUS PARENTING!

Agnieszka Litwin




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