CONSCIOUS PARENTING parenthood, which practicing makes so much fun as collecting chestnuts, called kashtanky; that is: here and now fully enjoying every moment spent with our children, forgetting all worries. And although sometimes some of kashtanky sting, it does not change the fact that their shells hide a true beauty, of which we always need to remember!

KASHTANKY wonderful little treasures that hide many secrets, unique beauty, causing desire to run through whole park in search of them, as well as to look for them in the treetops with our heads held high and our mouths gaping, but also desire to bow and pick them up from the ground, to jump with joy when we find them, so causing a lot of fun and making smile even the most demanding and gloomy seekers.


do not tear off green immature shells of kashtanky, until a shell falls off alone, as this may cause premature death of a white fruit so you will never cheer your eyes with beautiful chestnut color, unique shape and shiny cover with lovely spots and patterns,

throw away an old, black, wizened, cracked shell to find a real treasure in the middle,

enjoy collecting (in a way to avoid stinging), hold in your hands and find as much kashtanky as possible!

KASHTANKY FAMILY – a conscious family leading unusual family life, practicing healthy lifestyle, experiencing a lot of joy and happiness, but also similar or the same difficulties as other families as well as finding solutions to solve them in any situation.

– a way for balanced life, which is full of consciousness, health, intimacy, love, joy, laugh, sunshine, move, fun, education, development, work and duty, help and support, delicious healthy food, passion and dreams.

HEALTHY DIET a healthy and delicious diet based on natural products, which gives the joy from eating and the desire to tasting new products, but also a conscious way of eating (based on careful short- and long-term observation of bodysystem reactions and impact on our wellbeing).

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