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Kashtanky sensory toys


That’s how it goes when something wrong is happening, then all at once, but it works the other way too when it is going well, then also all at once 🙂 As you know, recently we have experienced a lot of good changes in our life and hence a longer pause on our blog. However, today, finally we have an opportunity to share another news, namely we would like to present you new surprises in our Kashtanky with passion boutique. They are sweet kashtanky sensory and creative toys for the youngest toddlers. We recommend them! Continue reading

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Kashtanky sensory toys

And here are our KASHTANKY SENSORY TOYS – toyballs for our youngest toddlers,
fulfilling many sensoric functions:
Colorful, with ribbons, for rolling, throwing, as well as rattling.
They learn, play, develop, solace and soothe.
Each is different and unique!
We recommend them 🙂
How to place an order can be found HERE.
In your email, please state the type of kashtanek: 1, 2, 3 or 4
Price for a piece: 30 PLN

kasztanki_typy1, 3 – for a baby boy
2, 4 – for a baby girlIMG_8927 IMG_8929 IMG_8930 IMG_8933


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Complaints & returns

1. The products offered in our boutique are brand new.
2. When the products have defects of a non-conformity with the sales contract (wrong type, size, etc.), a complaint can be submitted by email in order to establish the details and contact data for the return shipment.
3. Return and exchange is subject only to the products without visible signs of use, clean and complete with not touched labels.
4. We are not liable for damages resulting from incorrect use of our products (please remember about the terms of use).
5. We may refuse to accept the return of products in cases they are damaged or deficient, bearing traces of use, etc.
6. We do not accept COD shipments. Shipments returned should be transmitted in the form of a registered letter.
7. Within 3 days from the date of receipt of the defective products, the customer receives information about how we respond to the complaint. In case of positive consideration of the complaint, we will send the customer a repaired or new product within 14 days, or if possible, we will refund the full amount paid for the purchase with shipping costs.

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Orders & delivery

Please order by emailing to the following address:

Mail should include:
– In the title: type of baby rompers and size / type of sensoric kashtanek
– in content: contact details for shipping
shipping option selected

In response, we send the account number to which the payment should be made for the order. As soon as the money will appear on our account, we send the product as soon as possible. The packages are sent in bubble envelopes.

Delivery time is 5-12 working days depending on the number of people ordering and the status of our products in stock.

Shipping options in Poland:

Registered economical letter
Cost: 5,00 PLN

Delivery time: up to 3 working days from the date of shipment

Registered priority letter
Cost: 6,00 PLN

Delivery time: on the next working day from the date of shipment, provided that the money appear on our account till 13.00 Polish time.

Possible shipment abroad – please contact us at regarding shipping costs.

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Our baby rompers are:

made from high-quality, certified cotton jersey (100% cotton)
the fabric is light, airy and breathable – very comfortable to use
– products made from this fabric retain properties even after many washings
– we use high quality snaps (press studs) which stay buttoned during the movement of the child
– product manufactured in Poland

Certified by the Institute of Textiles in Lodz

Our products are certified by the Institute of Textiles in Lodz. This symbol states that the product does not contain substances harmful to the child’s health, ensuring proper development and safe micro-environment.

Safe for Children

“Safe for Children” guarantees compliance with the most stringent environmental requirements posed for fabrics. Determination of this mark confirms the human-ecological properties of textiles and ensures that their manufacturing process is in accordance with the legal provisions  in the field of hygienic standards for the working environment.

Highest quality

Certified with the highest quality requirements, awarded by the Institute of Textiles in Lodz No. 26 / AC017.

Tested at the Institute of Occupational Medicine

Our products have been tested at the Institute of George Nofer Occupational Medicine in Lodz and do not cause an allergic reaction.

Certified paints

We use direct printing technology DTG (direct-to-garment) using safe water hypoallergenic DuPont ™ Artistri ™ inks. That gives superior durability and decorating effects.


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Kashtanky baby rompers

First in our Kashtanky with passion boutique
we present you our cute kashtanky baby rompers.
We invite you for shopping 🙂
How to order them can be found HERE.


Shortsleeved baby rompers

krotkirekawLong-sleeved baby rompers


1a1. Shortsleeved baby rompers Kashtanka
Available sizes: 56 – 62 – 68 – 74 – 80 86
Price: 25 PLN1aa2. Long-sleeved baby rompers Kashtanka
Available sizes: 56 – 62 – 68 – 74 – 80 – 86
Price: 29 PLN

1b3. Shortsleeved baby rompers Kashtanek
Available sizes: 56 – 62 – 68 – 74 80 86
Price: 25 PLN

1bb4. Long-sleeved baby rompers Kashtanek
Available sizes: 56 – 62 – 68 – 74 – 80 – 86
Price: 29 PLN

1c5. Shortsleeved baby rompers Pretty baby girl
Available sizes: 56 – 62 – 68 – 74 – 80 – 86
Price: 30 PLN1cc6Long-sleeved baby rompers Pretty baby girl
Available sizes: 56 – 62 – 68 – 74 – 80 – 86
Price: 34 PLN


7. Shortsleeved baby rompers Charming baby boy
Available sizes: 56 – 62 – 68 – 74 – 80 – 86
Price: 30 PLN

1dd8. Long-sleeved baby rompers Charming baby boy
Available sizes: 56 – 62 – 68 – 74 – 80 – 86
Price: 34 PLN



tableofsizesTERMS OF USE

! Wash inside out !


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Kashtanky with passion – a boutique with mission


My Dear Readers! It takes small steps but finally we are opening our Kashtanky with passion boutique. We are pleased that so many of you are reading us and that you joined our mission of conscious parenting with passion. And from now on, you can also supply your little ones in such a kashtanky baby rompers. Before we open our official kashtanky shop, these baby rompers are and will be available on our blog. Details are to be found below. We recommend them 🙂 Welcome! Continue reading

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“Kashtanky with passion” project in progress!


I could not resist not revealing to you some secret, since things I am planning for a long time are slowly becoming tangible! For here they are finally – these small wonders – and this is only a small preview and label of what is going really on 😉 I am happy like a child today! As already mentioned – the Kashtanky with passion  project will begin the surprises for the youngest, and who knows maybe in the near future for the older ones as well, but for the time beinghush-hush 😉 Continue reading