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Kashtanky with passion – a boutique with mission


My Dear Readers! It takes small steps but finally we are opening our Kashtanky with passion boutique. We are pleased that so many of you are reading us and that you joined our mission of conscious parenting with passion. And from now on, you can also supply your little ones in such a kashtanky baby rompers. Before we open our official kashtanky shop, these baby rompers are and will be available on our blog. Details are to be found below. We recommend them 🙂 Welcome! Continue reading

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“Kashtanky with passion” project in progress!


I could not resist not revealing to you some secret, since things I am planning for a long time are slowly becoming tangible! For here they are finally – these small wonders – and this is only a small preview and label of what is going really on 😉 I am happy like a child today! As already mentioned – the Kashtanky with passion  project will begin the surprises for the youngest, and who knows maybe in the near future for the older ones as well, but for the time beinghush-hush 😉 Continue reading