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Best English dictionary for kids


Dear Readers! Just like last year, this winter was also a very hard time for us. Those from you who have small children, especially preschoolers, they know what I mean. Our “winter sleep” lasted for almost three months … But all our last year’s winter and Easter posts (skiing, winter holidays, Easter, pastries, etc.) are always actual and despite a break on our blog, we recorded a lot of entries to those topics, which makes us very happy. Now, we slowly awake and welcome the Spring. Despite our break, we did not idle, and so today we can present the best Dictionary of English for children.

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How to raise a gourmet. Cooking with kids


Many parents think up how to encourage their child do eat anything (except of sweets of course), not to mention full five valuable meals during the day. I admit that we also experienced this with our son. It required from us doubled efforts in the kitchen and resulted in the fact that today, he eats many dishes, among of which there are many his favorite. How, then, encourage our child to eat? How to show that cooking can be fun and useful?

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Miracle of ordinary days


Summer is ending, so sunny and carefree time too. Kids come back to kindergarten, teenagers – to school, adults – to work. All of them full of impressions and holiday adventures. These days, parenting blogs were presenting lot of different layettes to kindergarten /school, etc. At work, people fall into the wave of new projects. Time goes on, it is no longer as colorful, routine is returning in our days. But how to see something unique or create this uniqueness in an ordinary day? It turns out that very little is needed to do something special or even ponder over the miracle of ordinary days. Everything depends on ourselves.

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And how do you relax? Chocolate lottery


Living in a run, in the throes of work and duties it is rather hard to remember of a moment of relaxduring the day. Mummys know best something about it 🙂 But we finally have Summer. Time of holidays, carefree moments, relaxation and fun … Only which mother can say that she has just started holidays? Until you really plan it, pack up and leave it is rather hard for relaxation. So it is with the moments of relax during the busy day – it’s worth to plan them in advance and implement them, otherwise our days after day passes, and our fatigue and frustration is growing. But do not worry – with the prize, which is to win in our lottery today a moment of relaxation is guaranteed! And for even longer than you expect 😉 We invite you to participate! Continue reading

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8 movies for relaxing Summer evening


I must admit that me and my husband – we are big movie fans. Although, when it comes to television, I can count on my fingers the number of times it was turned on for the past 10 years in our home. However, our projector and screen are very often in use. We also try to go to the cinema, whenever we have the opportunity (our nanny or grandmother takes care of our son). Then it is just a moviegoer feast! Today, we recommend a few films that we have seen in recent months, and which will relax you, or in some way make you reborn again Continue reading

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Results and inspiring conclusions from our competition


Dear Readers! Thank you all for such a big interest in our competition and participation in it 🙂 This competition was aimed mainly to promote English language learning (and in general foreign languages learning) from the earliest years of life, in which you have helped us immensely! Today, we would like to announce the results and present conclusions that we have raised during this competition. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Baby English? Why not!


During our FB lottery, in which you can win a unique book with all known English lullabies and rhymes, we would like to highligh the topic of learning a foreign language with our babies. Did you know that music and rhythm, combined with gestures and movements is the most effective way to learn a foreign language? Children learn words through the gestures which they perform while singing, and the repeated words effectively recod in their memory. Continue reading

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Unusual animated picture book


The book New York in Pyjamarama, which recently joined our Smart Kid Library, and which we will present today, is not an ordinary book. This are magical moving pictures, which certainly will attract attention of any toddler for a longer time. In this book, there was used a very old technique of animationombro cinema” – based on an optical illusion. You just put a striated foil (attached to the book) on the pictures and very slowly move from one edge side to the other, and the pictures come alive! We recommend it and wish you a lot of fun. Continue reading

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Baby in music school? Why not!


Dear Mom, do you sing lullabies and nursery rhymes to your baby? Dear Dad, do you play any instrument with your child? In short, do you like to play music with your children? Do you often play and sing at home? Well, even if not, would you like to play and sing together with other parents and their children in a unique place, where the music makes miracles learns and develops through a great musical fun? If so, we warmly invite you to such a place! Continue reading

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English Easter songs


Do you like to sing with your children? Did you know that such singing has a positive impact on  learning foreign languages? Especially, when you sing in a foreign language! We were already singing many times in English on our blog, and today we present another episode from the Baby English series. This time, we will sing the English Easter songs for kids. We invite you to learn and make music together! Continue reading