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How to raise a daughter for a happy woman today


When I became a mom of a boy four years ago, I faced the biggest challenge of my life in raising him for a happy and especially a good man in today’s world, where it is difficult to find authorities. Now, becoming a mom of a girl, I realized how much more of challenges I have in front of me. Media pressure, influence of manufacturers of clothes and toys, obsession on ideal body, nutrition disorders, prone to depression and other contemporary dangers are waiting on almost every corner. So, how to raise a daughter for a happy and conscious woman today? Continue reading

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Miracle of ordinary days


Summer is ending, so sunny and carefree time too. Kids come back to kindergarten, teenagers – to school, adults – to work. All of them full of impressions and holiday adventures. These days, parenting blogs were presenting lot of different layettes to kindergarten /school, etc. At work, people fall into the wave of new projects. Time goes on, it is no longer as colorful, routine is returning in our days. But how to see something unique or create this uniqueness in an ordinary day? It turns out that very little is needed to do something special or even ponder over the miracle of ordinary days. Everything depends on ourselves.

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Second child has stopped my time


Imagining myself as a mother of two childrenI expected everything , but not what actually is happening. I was prepared for a rather constant lack of time, chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, of course interspersed with great joy and happiness, but anyway… I was afraid, too, that a second child will not bring much enthusiasm as the first, but rather more routine, so-called and there we go again”. Moreover, I had concerns about jealousy of my elder son. And although our daughter is still an infant, although I know that everything can still change and a lot of new experiences are still ahead, at this moment time has stopped for me Continue reading

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Child’s emotional intelligence


In the face of recent shocking events extremely cruel rampant of hate before and after the suicide of a teenager called by others “homo” – it is necessary to stress how important it is our the parents’ – role in the development of our children’s emotional intelligence . As you can see, unfortunately after the sad fact, not all of us are aware of this and it is certainly not that easy. However, I invite you to explore it a bit more deepr and get know a reliable method of dealing with emotions.

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One wish…


Today‘s my birthday … kind of a normal day, like every year after which there come other, and from some time I do not feel any significant changes, only become older. I even do not have special wishes, apart from health and peace in my heart and among the most beloved ones, because what more is needed to be happy? But this year I feel different … And it can be also felt in the wishes I got from you Today I have one wish Continue reading

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What kind of parent are you? Objective parenting versus subjective parenting


It is obvious that parents do not cause bad behavior of their child. However, the way they react to a particular child’s developmental stage or an act of rebellion, aggression or rage, will let control such behavior, or strengthen it. Today‘s post is about conscious parenting by Tracy Hogg – the biggest chidren whisperer – that is, about the differences between  objective parents, which are motivated by individual needs of their child and the subjective parents, which are motivated by their own emotions and who can not look objectively at their child or his behavior. Continue reading

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The role of mother and father in their son’s life

Emperor Penguins with chick

Recently, on many parenting blogs appeared topics like “my way of raising children And I often read the famous words Do not learn the tree, how to grow. Give it the sun, water, ground and air. The same follows with your child. Give him the conditions, inspire, show him the books, have fun with him. Set the limits, but only in case of safety and environment. There is no parent who would not agree with that, me too. However Continue reading

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5 tricks how to wean a child from…


I am sure that every mother had already heard advices from “wise men,” and all kinds of “experts” like “he still has the diaper?”, “so big and still has a soother?”, “does he already use the potty? “,”does he fall asleep alone? “,”do you still breastfeed him? “,”do you feed him with a bottle at night? , etc. This list is endless. And yes, it is annoying, especially when we conscious mothers, know what‘s the best for our children (and at the same time for us!) And we know that every child develops individually and everything comes at a certain time. Continue reading

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Mom, dad, I am watching you

mom dad I am watching you

Do you also rest just after having holidays (I mean Easter, Christmas, etd)? Of course, if we can call it “rest” when you have to return to work and your daily duties at once... But the fact is that there is no mother who would not prepare her family for these holy days, whether in the kitchen or by cleaning up, not to mention shopping, as well as whole coordination and organization of family meetings and travelling. And it is really not what these holidays mean, right? Today, I would like to tell you about what has especially touched me during this Easter Continue reading

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Reliable psychological parenting guides

poradniki psychologiczne

In the previous post of the Smart Parents Librarywe presented proven practical parenting guides. Today, we would like to present a few reliable psychological guides, which helped us to understand many troubling issues of marriage and parenting, and helped us to learn important techniques of communication as well as to improve and maintain healthy relationships in family (and not only!). Welcome to the presentation. Continue reading