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Autumn with Bumbleride Indie 4


Choosing the right trolley is a challenge for parents. Before the birth of my second child, being already richer with the experience of the previous trolley, I spent a lot of time in search of the ideal one – that meets not only my child but also my needs. In the case of the first trolley, I did not realize that what is safe and comfortable for my son is actually uncomfortable for me (eg. large stroller, big wheels, high weight, poor maneuverability). Now, I have a trolley that satisfies me and my and daughter in any case. Bumbleride Indie 4 meets all our needs. Continue reading

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Kashtanky sensory toys


That’s how it goes when something wrong is happening, then all at once, but it works the other way too when it is going well, then also all at once 🙂 As you know, recently we have experienced a lot of good changes in our life and hence a longer pause on our blog. However, today, finally we have an opportunity to share another news, namely we would like to present you new surprises in our Kashtanky with passion boutique. They are sweet kashtanky sensory and creative toys for the youngest toddlers. We recommend them! Continue reading

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Presents for Father’s Day


Father’s Day tomorrow! What would our world be without crazy, carefree fun and limitless love that children can only receive from their fathers? They carry on a ram, learn to swim, to ride a bike, in a word – they show a world without limits! Let us remember that, especially tomorrow 🙂 For those of you who do not yet have a gift, we present a few proposals quick to make or buy, that will surely bring a smile of every Dad. Continue reading

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Kashtanky with passion – a boutique with mission


My Dear Readers! It takes small steps but finally we are opening our Kashtanky with passion boutique. We are pleased that so many of you are reading us and that you joined our mission of conscious parenting with passion. And from now on, you can also supply your little ones in such a kashtanky baby rompers. Before we open our official kashtanky shop, these baby rompers are and will be available on our blog. Details are to be found below. We recommend them 🙂 Welcome! Continue reading

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Made in Poland – exceptional and with passion!


Well, it seams half of my readers are people who live abroad, which makes me very happy. Just behind the Polish readers are the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and others. That’s probably because I write my blog also in English and raise topics related to parenting based on the theories of world fameous specialists. Besides, I praise / recommend foreign products (toys and not only), the way of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition, which are practiced in the world, etc. However, I would like to dedicate today’s post to our Polishness, Polish products and producers, and thereby show to the world what does it mean – Made in Poland 🙂 Continue reading

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“Kashtanky with passion” project in progress!


I could not resist not revealing to you some secret, since things I am planning for a long time are slowly becoming tangible! For here they are finally – these small wonders – and this is only a small preview and label of what is going really on 😉 I am happy like a child today! As already mentioned – the Kashtanky with passion  project will begin the surprises for the youngest, and who knows maybe in the near future for the older ones as well, but for the time beinghush-hush 😉 Continue reading

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Presents for Children’s Day


These days, you can find lots of proposals of gifts for Children’s Day on many parenting blogs. Starting with these branded marvelous wooden (and not only) toys (Mamissima, Ładnebebe, Haba, Erzi, Djeco), books (Dwie Siostry), ending with other creative ones (Quercetti, Hape). Therefore, we will not duplicate those inspirations (though we also recommend them!). In return, we will present some interesting toys that have recently attract the attention of our son, and also we will encourage you to take part in a lottery, in which you can win a very unique thing for your child! Let’s see! Continue reading

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Presents for Mother’s Day


Recently, there have already appeared many proposals for Children’s Day on the parenting blogs, we will soon propose our own too (with a small surprise competition for your little toddlers!). But first, we will start from the propositions of gifts for Mother’s Day, because all Moms should be shown gratitude, praise and given a priceless smile of their children in the first place 🙂 So let’s take a look how to make them smile! Continue reading

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Easter at home


We start pre-Easter week on the blog. Today, we recommend ideas for Easter decorations in our home. Besides, traditionally this week we will also present Easter songs in English, baking and decorating Easter cookies as well as suggestions for gifts, and more. Enjoy and wish you a nice preparation for holiday season! Continue reading