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Autumn with Bumbleride Indie 4


Choosing the right trolley is a challenge for parents. Before the birth of my second child, being already richer with the experience of the previous trolley, I spent a lot of time in search of the ideal one – that meets not only my child but also my needs. In the case of the first trolley, I did not realize that what is safe and comfortable for my son is actually uncomfortable for me (eg. large stroller, big wheels, high weight, poor maneuverability). Now, I have a trolley that satisfies me and my and daughter in any case. Bumbleride Indie 4 meets all our needs. Continue reading

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Kos exotic island, Greece


Holidays is coming, I suppose some of you have already been on holiday leave. Well, we are planning this year’s holiday a little later, but today we recommend you another perfect place for a family holiday, which we have visited last year, but when I look today at these wonderful pictures, I want to be back there 🙂 So here is the Greek island of Kos one of those places that never disappoints and provides the ideal Greek holiday! Welcome to the photo relation. Continue reading

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Wolin Island – shots from Spring holidays


How was your Spring holiday? Which places have you visited? Did you have good weather? This year, we spent these few days of rest at the Polish seaside. This time, on the Western coast in Miedzywodzie on Wolin island, where the Spring has already arrived and the weather was good. Of course, we spent our time on the beach in a slightly different way than in Summer, because the temperatures are still hesitating and cool breeze still blows from the East 🙂 Enjoy a few shots. We recommend this place for a very relaxing holiday. Just take a look how beautiful our Polish country is! Continue reading

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Places to go for Spring holidays


Do you have already planned the Spring holidays? Where do you go this year? If you have not yet decided, here are some proven beautiful places in Poland and abroad, where it is perfect to spend first days of May, when there is still not hot, but no longer cold weather. Welcome to the  Postcards from Spring holidayspresentation, from the places that we visited and especially recommend. Continue reading

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Winter treatment at the Polish seaside


March is coming soon, and it’s an ideal time to visit the Polish seaside. No matter it is cold! Autumn-winter period (September-October, March) is the best season to go there because of the beneficial influence of the sea on our health. Did you know that there is the highest concentration of iodine at this time of year? Especially, such a treatment in the cities which have access to the open sea, and those are: Rewal, Kolobrzeg, Ustronie Sea, Mielno, Darłowo, Ustka, Leba. Let’s see how great you can spend your time there. We trully recommend it!

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Winter fun in Livigno


Dear Readers! We hope that your Christmas time passed pleasantly and family like. After the long break, smiling and relaxed, we welcome you with the best New Year wishes and return to blogging. Today, a photo-report of Winter fun in Livigno. If you do not know where to go for Winter holidays, we would like to recommend this place! Let’s see! Continue reading

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Skiing with kids in Italian Dolomites


Winter has not come yet, but in the Tatra Mountains and mountain villages, some of us can already enjoy the first snow. Even in some places, the ski lifts are already working, eg. in Szczyrk. If you like the winter madness as we do, it is now perfect time to plan Winter holidays. We will certainly mention the Polish ski-parks, which all Winter enthusiasts probably know, but today we would like to recommend you a very special and wonderful place that captivated us a couple of seasons ago. Namely, it is the Val Gardena Valley and its attractions in the Italian Dolomites. Here we go! Continue reading

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Beautiful Polish Golden Autumn


My Dear Readers! There was temporary silence on my blog, because I am actually carrying out several different life projects, the effects of which will be surely noticeable here. And all of this is to better and better explore and realize the secrets of conscious parenting (and not only). Meanwhile, this weekend I propose a colorful photo-presentation of Beautiful Polish Autumn. It’s our favorite season! Before white cold winter comes, let’s enjoy these last warm colorful moments… Welcome! Continue reading

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Emerald island of Corfu, Greece


Although holiday season came to an end, and there is already Autumn outside our windows, in such a time it is nice to remind about past sunny holidays. Thus, before we start our winter season and recommend you places to go for skiing, let’s move for a while to the emerald island of Corfu, which has captivated us this year, and whose beauty we would like to show you. Maybe next year you will choose Corfu for your holidays. We highly recommend it! Continue reading

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Moonlike Island of Pag, Croatia


Among our favorite, recommendable places for Family Holidays, one of the highest positions on our holidays list take the Greek islands and Croatia, which we have been regularly visiting from many years. If you still plan to go for holidays by the end of this Summer, in the first Family Holidays Series, I would like to recommend you the Croatian moonlike island of Pag. This island has particularly charmed us. Since my dear Friend has recommended it, we have visited it a few times and surely will come back there in the coming future!

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