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Boon of natural yogurts

I must share with you my latest discovery in the field of healthy diet. Well, I have tasted natural yogurt from sheep’s milk, with its unique taste, far different from cow’s milk yogurt … It’s healthy, without any chemical additives, tested for allergic people, in a word – delicious NATURE! Moreover, these yogurts are ideal for people with lactose intolerance and who are on gluten-free diet. I recommend to try them! Continue reading


Muffins by Nature

My Dear Readers! To make discovering the secrets od conscious parenting more joyful and  pleasant, we need to have something delicious at hand to sweeten our practice. I also do not learn or read without my favorite cup of coffee and something sweet. Today, especially for you, I recommend a recipe for a delicious natural muffins. I will provide also a gluten-free and egg-free and milk-free version. Enojoy! Continue reading


Healthy sweets

Nowadays, more and more children suffer from civilization diseases obesity, diabetes, chronic infections of body systems, allergies and food intolerances. To a large extent we, parents, contribute to this by allowing our kids to consume unhealthy sweets. And this is very often quite unconsciously. Dear Parents, we encourage you to conscious culinar choices. Proper and conscious diet greatly affects our and our children wellbeingToday, in our Natural Kitchen section, we would like to recommend healthy, delicious sweets. Continue reading


Buckwheat-amaranth bread

Recently, there are very popular kinds of diets gluten-free, lactose-free, protein-free, sugar-free. This is today’s most effective medicament for all kinds of civilization diseases. Our kitchen is becoming more conscious, we come back to Nature. More and more consumers are avoiding preservatives and artificial colorants that are widely served in most of products. Today, in our Natural Kitchen section we recommend a simple recipe for a healthy and delicious gluten-free amaranth-buckwheat bread. Let’s try the taste of Nature!  Continue reading