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Best English dictionary for kids

Dear Readers! Just like last year, this winter was also a very hard time for us. Those from you who have small children, especially preschoolers, they know what I mean. Our “winter sleep” lasted for almost three months … But all our last year’s winter and Easter posts (skiing, winter holidays, Easter, pastries, etc.) are always actual and despite a break on our blog, we recorded a lot of entries to those topics, which makes us very happy. Now, we slowly awake and welcome the Spring. Despite our break, we did not idle, and so today we can present the best Dictionary of English for children.

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Results and inspiring conclusions from our competition

Dear Readers! Thank you all for such a big interest in our competition and participation in it 🙂 This competition was aimed mainly to promote English language learning (and in general foreign languages learning) from the earliest years of life, in which you have helped us immensely! Today, we would like to announce the results and present conclusions that we have raised during this competition. Enjoy! Continue reading


Baby English? Why not!

During our FB lottery, in which you can win a unique book with all known English lullabies and rhymes, we would like to highligh the topic of learning a foreign language with our babies. Did you know that music and rhythm, combined with gestures and movements is the most effective way to learn a foreign language? Children learn words through the gestures which they perform while singing, and the repeated words effectively recod in their memory. Continue reading


English Easter songs

Do you like to sing with your children? Did you know that such singing has a positive impact on  learning foreign languages? Especially, when you sing in a foreign language! We were already singing many times in English on our blog, and today we present another episode from the Baby English series. This time, we will sing the English Easter songs for kids. We invite you to learn and make music together! Continue reading


Christmas songs and carols

Here comes a time to celebrate, time to experience the magic moments with our family. Surely, those moments spent together will be also full of joyful carols singing. Undoubtedly, there are beautiful carols in your home country that will be sung in many homes during this Christmas. However, there are also unique English Christmas carols and songs. Do you know any of them? Did you already have a chance to sing them with your kids? If not, then we invite you to common English carols singing! This is also a great opportunity to learn English together. Continue reading