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Corn-millet muffins

There is long time since we last shared with you some of our tasty recipes. Well, the current autumn rainy weather outside our window encourages us to bake some sweets. Thus, today we propose the recipe for milletcorn muffins gluten-free, eggs-free and lactose-free sweets! Yummy, I love this smell in our flat, and my son immediately ate four pieces just after baking 🙂 Enjoy! Continue reading


Homemade refreshing strawberry sorbet

How about juicy, fruity, refreshing and healthy ice creams? More specifically strawberry sorbet? We have now the season for strawberries and we are enjoying them in different forms in cakes, jellies, cocktails or just straight from a basket 🙂 And we recommend homemade ice cream. Simple to make, in addition, given in various colorful molds – simply sensational taste ! Yummy!

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Tofu cheesecake

Today’s recipe for a delicious tofu cheesecake closes the pre-Easter week and we are left only to celebrate and savor this Easter, which we sincerely wish you. And if you have not yet baked any cake, we recommend this simple and tasty recipe for lactose-free, gluten-free and eggs-free cheesecake. Of course, as in all our recipes you choose to customize it according to your needs. We wish you a tasty baking and wonderful Family Easter!

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Easter cookies

Today, we will be baking traditional Easter cookies and decorating them. We recommend a simple proven recipe (including the gluten-free, eggs-free and lactose-free version). It’s really delicious culinary fun and lesson, to which we can invite our small pastry chefs! Let’s take a look!

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Gluten-free chocolate muffins

Hey Kashtanky! Women’s Day is coming soon and we’ve got a recipe for spending it in a sweet way. Who of us, moms, does not like chocolate? I must admit that I am a big fan of it and therefore my son as well, unfortunately (or fortunately?). However, eating chocolate does not have to be unhealthy. Today we recommend a recipe for healthy, delicious gluten-free chocolate muffins. And by the way we wish all Women, especially Mothers, a wonderful sweet Women’s Day!

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Christmas gingerbread

My dear Readers! For reasons beyond my control (illness unfortunately does not choose) there was quiet for a moment on kashtanky blog, but today we are back with Winter and Christmas topics! Christmas is coming soon. Although we do not like the annual pre-Christmas rush, however, some of the Christmas preparations give us really great pleasure. Among them obviously is baking Christmas gingerbread. This is our annual tradition. And this year there will be also a gluten-free version. We invite you to bake together with us!

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Velvet pumpkin cream

Dear Readers! If your children asked you for a Halloween pumpkin, I recommend to use it in different ways. Namely, our Halloween monsters can also serve as a food. When you have your monster already created, you can cook a delicious soup from the pumpkin pulp. Thus, on the occasion of Halloween, I invite you to enjoy a delicious velvety pumpkin cream. This cream recipe is simple, cooking it – very fast and most of all – it is very healthy. I recommend to try it! Continue reading


Muffins by Nature

My Dear Readers! To make discovering the secrets od conscious parenting more joyful and  pleasant, we need to have something delicious at hand to sweeten our practice. I also do not learn or read without my favorite cup of coffee and something sweet. Today, especially for you, I recommend a recipe for a delicious natural muffins. I will provide also a gluten-free and egg-free and milk-free version. Enojoy! Continue reading