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How to raise a gourmet. Cooking with kids

Many parents think up how to encourage their child do eat anything (except of sweets of course), not to mention full five valuable meals during the day. I admit that we also experienced this with our son. It required from us doubled efforts in the kitchen and resulted in the fact that today, he eats many dishes, among of which there are many his favorite. How, then, encourage our child to eat? How to show that cooking can be fun and useful?

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Easter presents for Toddlers

What kind of Easter presents do you give in your country? Sweets (traditional chocolate bunnies and eggs), or toys as well? If toys too, here is our suggestion of good quality and educational toys, and more. Of course, traditionally, among them we present the books. Let’s see and enjoy the choice! Continue reading


Christmas presents for kids

Here comes the last weekend before Christmas, and this is the last opportunity to buy gifts for our little ones. If your children have not given you any hints and you are wondering what would make them happy, here are some good ideas for a Christmas present, among of which are beautiful books, creative coloring books, Christmas LEGO bricks, educational games, unique puzzles, songbooks with English carols and other! Continue reading


First words & pictures part 2

In our last Smart Kid Library article, we recommended books, which take a very special place in our home library. Today, we would like to present new editions of books for children which we have bought during the last Book Fair in Cracow. Among of them are the latest editions of our favorite Dwie Siostry publishing house and others. Here is the presentation! Continue reading


First words & pictures part 1

Welcome to the Smart Kid Library, where you can find few extraordinary books for the youngest kids. Surely, you will love them as we do! Or maybe if you already know some of them, you would like to share your opinion with us? Please be invited to our presentation of few greatest books of Polish and foreign writers and artists. Continue reading