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And how do you relax? Chocolate lottery

Living in a run, in the throes of work and duties it is rather hard to remember of a moment of relaxduring the day. Mummys know best something about it 🙂 But we finally have Summer. Time of holidays, carefree moments, relaxation and fun … Only which mother can say that she has just started holidays? Until you really plan it, pack up and leave it is rather hard for relaxation. So it is with the moments of relax during the busy day – it’s worth to plan them in advance and implement them, otherwise our days after day passes, and our fatigue and frustration is growing. But do not worry – with the prize, which is to win in our lottery today a moment of relaxation is guaranteed! And for even longer than you expect 😉 We invite you to participate! Continue reading


Results and inspiring conclusions from our competition

Dear Readers! Thank you all for such a big interest in our competition and participation in it 🙂 This competition was aimed mainly to promote English language learning (and in general foreign languages learning) from the earliest years of life, in which you have helped us immensely! Today, we would like to announce the results and present conclusions that we have raised during this competition. Enjoy! Continue reading


Presents for Children’s Day

These days, you can find lots of proposals of gifts for Children’s Day on many parenting blogs. Starting with these branded marvelous wooden (and not only) toys (Mamissima, Ładnebebe, Haba, Erzi, Djeco), books (Dwie Siostry), ending with other creative ones (Quercetti, Hape). Therefore, we will not duplicate those inspirations (though we also recommend them!). In return, we will present some interesting toys that have recently attract the attention of our son, and also we will encourage you to take part in a lottery, in which you can win a very unique thing for your child! Let’s see! Continue reading