Kashtanky sensory toys

That’s how it goes when something wrong is happening, then all at once, but it works the other way too when it is going well, then also all at once 🙂 As you know, recently we have experienced a lot of good changes in our life and hence a longer pause on our blog. However, today, finally we have an opportunity to share another news, namely we would like to present you new surprises in our Kashtanky with passion boutique. They are sweet kashtanky sensory and creative toys for the youngest toddlers. We recommend them! Continue reading


Baby English? Why not!

During our FB lottery, in which you can win a unique book with all known English lullabies and rhymes, we would like to highligh the topic of learning a foreign language with our babies. Did you know that music and rhythm, combined with gestures and movements is the most effective way to learn a foreign language? Children learn words through the gestures which they perform while singing, and the repeated words effectively recod in their memory. Continue reading


Colorful mud

Do your children often get sick? Are you already run out of ideas how to spent the arduous time with them at home? I almost surrended … when a new idea came to mind again! Because which conscious (in this case: desperate?) mother would not come up with new ideas in this situation? :-) Well, if we can not go for a walk and ride a bike on the mud, then why not play with a mud at home? When my son loves it so much … and he is already being ill so long at home, there is nothing else but find out new solutions for creative playing … And so, here is our proposal of sensory great fun with race cars and colored paints! Continue reading


Marble races & mosaics

Today, we would like to present creative toys, which are our recent discoveries and hits! Do you already know the fantastic marble races or unusual creative mosaics? Here is the presentation of the best of them. These toys stimulate creativity and senses, especially the hand-eye coordination. Also, they develop concentration and the ability to DIY. We highly recommend them!

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Overcoming illness & bad weather part 2

Although we enjoyed the Autumn sun for a long time this year, it was obvious that gray and wet Autumn will also come soon. And so it came! During the rainy weather, our children frequently get sick and are forced to spend most of their time at home (well, even if they are not sick). However, this time does not have to be boring and routine. Let it be the opportunity for shared creative playing. Here are our suggestions! Continue reading


Memory cards – Tatras animals

Dear Readers! Last time, we recommended an educational toy, while now, in turn, we recommend Animals of the Tatras” memo cardsan educational game by Tatra National Park (TNP) publishing house. It is not only a great way to spend time with our family and friends, but also a good way to learn and play for preschoolers, as well as for students and adults. We invite all enthusiasts of our beautiful Tatras (and not only) to play!

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EDTOY Pickup

Recently, manufacturers of toys are full of new ideas for educational toys. The best of such a toys teach our children the alphabet, digits, colors, and shapes. What’s more, those toys learn to sing, read as well as help to identify animals, vehicles and their sounds. There are also toys that teach creative thinking, constructing and designing. One of such a toy is the EDTOY pickup that our son particularly likes and often plays with. Here is the presentation! Continue reading


Nursery rhymes for kids

Nowadays, all parents know that knowledge of a second language is essential. But when and where is the best to start learning a language with our child? Which is the right method? The basic education program of most private kindergartens provide English lessons, in some public kindergartens as well. While in the rest of public kindergartens, your child can take part in language activities by additional payment. However, not all of us have such a possibility. Perhaps our children do not go to kindergarten yet and we wonder how to provide them a good start, especially if we do not speak any foreign language ourselves? Here are some proven, free, very useful and pleasant ways to learn English with our kids! Continue reading

zabawy w niepogodę, kreatywne chorowanie

Overcoming illness & bad weather part 1

For most of us, parents, the time of bad weather or our children illness is a real challenge in organizing activities for them. How to survive on rainy days or during a difficult, arduous and long treatment time, spent closed together in the four walls? How to plan an interesting schedule for these days in order to not get into routine, boredom and fatigue? How to avoid spending time at the computer or watching TV? Continue reading