Best English dictionary for kids

Dear Readers! Just like last year, this winter was also a very hard time for us. Those from you who have small children, especially preschoolers, they know what I mean. Our “winter sleep” lasted for almost three months … But all our last year’s winter and Easter posts (skiing, winter holidays, Easter, pastries, etc.) are always actual and despite a break on our blog, we recorded a lot of entries to those topics, which makes us very happy. Now, we slowly awake and welcome the Spring. Despite our break, we did not idle, and so today we can present the best Dictionary of English for children.

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Mother’s Day on Kashtanova Street

On the Kashtanova Street, there was a day like every day, but yet a little bit different one. First of all – it was rainy. But still, at Kashtanky home there was a lot of sun, like usually. Mom Kashtanka was already preparing breakfast, while next to her was sitting little Lucy, when suddenly a little Fifi ran into the kitchen:
– Mom, I want to hug you!
– Oh, Fifi, how nice it is to be hugged in the very morning – told the mother, hugging her son too.

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Presents for Children’s Day

These days, you can find lots of proposals of gifts for Children’s Day on many parenting blogs. Starting with these branded marvelous wooden (and not only) toys (Mamissima, Ładnebebe, Haba, Erzi, Djeco), books (Dwie Siostry), ending with other creative ones (Quercetti, Hape). Therefore, we will not duplicate those inspirations (though we also recommend them!). In return, we will present some interesting toys that have recently attract the attention of our son, and also we will encourage you to take part in a lottery, in which you can win a very unique thing for your child! Let’s see! Continue reading


Unusual animated picture book

The book New York in Pyjamarama, which recently joined our Smart Kid Library, and which we will present today, is not an ordinary book. This are magical moving pictures, which certainly will attract attention of any toddler for a longer time. In this book, there was used a very old technique of animationombro cinema” – based on an optical illusion. You just put a striated foil (attached to the book) on the pictures and very slowly move from one edge side to the other, and the pictures come alive! We recommend it and wish you a lot of fun. Continue reading


Easter presents for Toddlers

What kind of Easter presents do you give in your country? Sweets (traditional chocolate bunnies and eggs), or toys as well? If toys too, here is our suggestion of good quality and educational toys, and more. Of course, traditionally, among them we present the books. Let’s see and enjoy the choice! Continue reading


Kashtanky (un)usual days

Another Kashtanky day for some of us would pass just as an ordinary day. However, could any day be ordinary for small Kashtanky? Well, Mom Kashanka, as usually, gave a kiss for a good day, helped her children with morning errands and prepared breakfast. Dad Kasztanek helped them in the toilet and after breakfast, he went to job, giving his soon a lift to Kindergarten by the way. While Mom Kashtanka spent the day with small Lucy at home. However, for a small Fifi and even smaller Lulu, all of that looked very different, and thus, also for their parents. Starting from the morning, every day ran unusually for them.

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Christmas songs and carols

Here comes a time to celebrate, time to experience the magic moments with our family. Surely, those moments spent together will be also full of joyful carols singing. Undoubtedly, there are beautiful carols in your home country that will be sung in many homes during this Christmas. However, there are also unique English Christmas carols and songs. Do you know any of them? Did you already have a chance to sing them with your kids? If not, then we invite you to common English carols singing! This is also a great opportunity to learn English together. Continue reading


Christmas presents for kids

Here comes the last weekend before Christmas, and this is the last opportunity to buy gifts for our little ones. If your children have not given you any hints and you are wondering what would make them happy, here are some good ideas for a Christmas present, among of which are beautiful books, creative coloring books, Christmas LEGO bricks, educational games, unique puzzles, songbooks with English carols and other! Continue reading


Overcoming illness & bad weather part 2

Although we enjoyed the Autumn sun for a long time this year, it was obvious that gray and wet Autumn will also come soon. And so it came! During the rainy weather, our children frequently get sick and are forced to spend most of their time at home (well, even if they are not sick). However, this time does not have to be boring and routine. Let it be the opportunity for shared creative playing. Here are our suggestions! Continue reading


First words & pictures part 2

In our last Smart Kid Library article, we recommended books, which take a very special place in our home library. Today, we would like to present new editions of books for children which we have bought during the last Book Fair in Cracow. Among of them are the latest editions of our favorite Dwie Siostry publishing house and others. Here is the presentation! Continue reading