How to raise a daughter for a happy woman today

When I became a mom of a boy four years ago, I faced the biggest challenge of my life in raising him for a happy and especially a good man in today’s world, where it is difficult to find authorities. Now, becoming a mom of a girl, I realized how much more of challenges I have in front of me. Media pressure, influence of manufacturers of clothes and toys, obsession on ideal body, nutrition disorders, prone to depression and other contemporary dangers are waiting on almost every corner. So, how to raise a daughter for a happy and conscious woman today? Continue reading

Emperor Penguins with chick

The role of mother and father in their son’s life

Recently, on many parenting blogs appeared topics like “my way of raising children And I often read the famous words Do not learn the tree, how to grow. Give it the sun, water, ground and air. The same follows with your child. Give him the conditions, inspire, show him the books, have fun with him. Set the limits, but only in case of safety and environment. There is no parent who would not agree with that, me too. However Continue reading

poradniki psychologiczne

Reliable psychological parenting guides

In the previous post of the Smart Parents Librarywe presented proven practical parenting guides. Today, we would like to present a few reliable psychological guides, which helped us to understand many troubling issues of marriage and parenting, and helped us to learn important techniques of communication as well as to improve and maintain healthy relationships in family (and not only!). Welcome to the presentation. Continue reading

poradniki praktyczne

Reliable practical parenting guides

There should be at least one practical guide for parents in every home library. Bookstores offer a wide choice of them. But which one to choose? In which we could find the best, most reliable advice and parenting solutions, proven in daily practice? Now, I would like to recommend some very good editions, from which I have learned a lot over the past years and without which I would not manage in many difficult situations.

Continue reading