Recommended toys – just perfect for a present

Christmas is coming If you are still wondering what new and unique, and by the way educative to give to your little babies or toddlers, we propose you our tested toys. Especially, we recommend toys of Canadian company B-Toys, of which a motto is Be you be yourself. No matter what you are, it’s important to always be yourself.” Enjoy! Continue reading


Easter presents for Toddlers

What kind of Easter presents do you give in your country? Sweets (traditional chocolate bunnies and eggs), or toys as well? If toys too, here is our suggestion of good quality and educational toys, and more. Of course, traditionally, among them we present the books. Let’s see and enjoy the choice! Continue reading


Christmas presents for kids

Here comes the last weekend before Christmas, and this is the last opportunity to buy gifts for our little ones. If your children have not given you any hints and you are wondering what would make them happy, here are some good ideas for a Christmas present, among of which are beautiful books, creative coloring books, Christmas LEGO bricks, educational games, unique puzzles, songbooks with English carols and other! Continue reading


Christmas music boxes

Are you already making Christmas preparations? I have memories from my childhood about magic Christmas preparations in my family home cleaning the house, smell of pastries, decorating, dressing the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas tunes. One of such a magical memories is also a Christmas music box melody. Such a nice tune in our Christmas family home. We recommend to get such a music box – there are plenty of them to choose. It is also a great idea for a Christmas present. And here are our suggestions. Continue reading