What kind of parent are you? Objective parenting versus subjective parenting

It is obvious that parents do not cause bad behavior of their child. However, the way they react to a particular child’s developmental stage or an act of rebellion, aggression or rage, will let control such behavior, or strengthen it. Today‘s post is about conscious parenting by Tracy Hogg – the biggest chidren whisperer – that is, about the differences between  objective parents, which are motivated by individual needs of their child and the subjective parents, which are motivated by their own emotions and who can not look objectively at their child or his behavior. Continue reading

poradniki psychologiczne

Reliable psychological parenting guides

In the previous post of the Smart Parents Librarywe presented proven practical parenting guides. Today, we would like to present a few reliable psychological guides, which helped us to understand many troubling issues of marriage and parenting, and helped us to learn important techniques of communication as well as to improve and maintain healthy relationships in family (and not only!). Welcome to the presentation. Continue reading



Certainly many of us, parents, sometimes wonder why our child is “not so” how we imagined and awaited, behaves “badly”, makes behavioral problems, that we cannot stand anymore. But have we ever wondered why this is happening and why we have such a thoughts? How can we help each other – parent and child – to be happy and be able to create and maintain a healthy long-term relationship? Today, we share some secrets and techniques of how to free ourselves and our children from the need of our …approbation, because the thing is about it. We invite you for the lecture! Continue reading


How to throw off the “old shell”? Everything about ego

Why some of us see the glass half empty while others – half full? What is ego? How to recognize it? How does it reveal? Why is it called an “old shell“? How to throw it off in order to begin to live consciously, to be a conscious human, and hence a conscious parent, spouse, employee, etc? How to find back my own real ME? The answers for these (and other) questions can be already found in this article, the content of which is based on coaching of appreciated famous mentors such as Jacek Walkiewicz, Mateusz Grzesiak and Dr. Shefali Tsabary. Continue reading


Consciousness vs unconsciousness

Roles of parent and child have much changed over the centuries. Nowadays, parenting is more modern and fashionably called “conscious“. It certainly faces bigger demands than ever before. Modern parents’ approach is more responsible. We try to get all the best for our children by learnig a lot, planing and prepaing very scrupulously. We have more respect to each other and even jointly participate in our babies’ birth. Nobody else loves them more than we do, is not it? However, it is extremely important to ask ourselves what we exactly do and if it is actually the right way? Continue reading