Corn-millet muffins

There is long time since we last shared with you some of our tasty recipes. Well, the current autumn rainy weather outside our window encourages us to bake some sweets. Thus, today we propose the recipe for milletcorn muffins gluten-free, eggs-free and lactose-free sweets! Yummy, I love this smell in our flat, and my son immediately ate four pieces just after baking 🙂 Enjoy! Continue reading


Child’s emotional intelligence

In the face of recent shocking events extremely cruel rampant of hate before and after the suicide of a teenager called by others “homo” – it is necessary to stress how important it is our the parents’ – role in the development of our children’s emotional intelligence . As you can see, unfortunately after the sad fact, not all of us are aware of this and it is certainly not that easy. However, I invite you to explore it a bit more deepr and get know a reliable method of dealing with emotions.

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Homemade refreshing strawberry sorbet

How about juicy, fruity, refreshing and healthy ice creams? More specifically strawberry sorbet? We have now the season for strawberries and we are enjoying them in different forms in cakes, jellies, cocktails or just straight from a basket 🙂 And we recommend homemade ice cream. Simple to make, in addition, given in various colorful molds – simply sensational taste ! Yummy!

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What kind of parent are you? Objective parenting versus subjective parenting

It is obvious that parents do not cause bad behavior of their child. However, the way they react to a particular child’s developmental stage or an act of rebellion, aggression or rage, will let control such behavior, or strengthen it. Today‘s post is about conscious parenting by Tracy Hogg – the biggest chidren whisperer – that is, about the differences between  objective parents, which are motivated by individual needs of their child and the subjective parents, which are motivated by their own emotions and who can not look objectively at their child or his behavior. Continue reading


Wolin Island – shots from Spring holidays

How was your Spring holiday? Which places have you visited? Did you have good weather? This year, we spent these few days of rest at the Polish seaside. This time, on the Western coast in Miedzywodzie on Wolin island, where the Spring has already arrived and the weather was good. Of course, we spent our time on the beach in a slightly different way than in Summer, because the temperatures are still hesitating and cool breeze still blows from the East 🙂 Enjoy a few shots. We recommend this place for a very relaxing holiday. Just take a look how beautiful our Polish country is! Continue reading


Healthy homemade fast food

Honestly, admit that sometimes you like to eat at McDonalds or KFC. Well, I like, from time to time and I think it does not make any harm to our health 🙂 Especially, when shopping or traveling, it is nice to stop for a moment, catch breath and take pleasure! However, if you are supporters of healthy diet, like us, you can prepare quite healthy fast food at home. Today, we recommend delicious homemade chicken nuggets in a healthy (gluten-free) batter with baked potatoes 🙂 Perfect for family weekend! Continue reading


Gluten-free & lactose-free Pizza

How about a delicious weekendpizza? In addition, made from healthy natural ingredients. Did you know that the highest percentage of people with allergy to gluten in Europe are the Italians? Certainly, you will guess why yes, yes, they are the greatest pasta and pizza lovers! And of course – the masters of making them. I admit that I also love their pasta and pizza, and always when we are in their country on holidays, I eat those with the greatest culinary delight. However, from time to time it is good to eat pasta from gluten-free flour, as well as pizza on other than gluten dough. Today, we propose a pizza recipe for those of you with allergy to gluten (or those with intolerance) and those who do not tolerate lactose. Enjoy your meal! Continue reading

poradniki psychologiczne

Reliable psychological parenting guides

In the previous post of the Smart Parents Librarywe presented proven practical parenting guides. Today, we would like to present a few reliable psychological guides, which helped us to understand many troubling issues of marriage and parenting, and helped us to learn important techniques of communication as well as to improve and maintain healthy relationships in family (and not only!). Welcome to the presentation. Continue reading


Gluten-free chocolate muffins

Hey Kashtanky! Women’s Day is coming soon and we’ve got a recipe for spending it in a sweet way. Who of us, moms, does not like chocolate? I must admit that I am a big fan of it and therefore my son as well, unfortunately (or fortunately?). However, eating chocolate does not have to be unhealthy. Today we recommend a recipe for healthy, delicious gluten-free chocolate muffins. And by the way we wish all Women, especially Mothers, a wonderful sweet Women’s Day!

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Winter treatment at the Polish seaside

March is coming soon, and it’s an ideal time to visit the Polish seaside. No matter it is cold! Autumn-winter period (September-October, March) is the best season to go there because of the beneficial influence of the sea on our health. Did you know that there is the highest concentration of iodine at this time of year? Especially, such a treatment in the cities which have access to the open sea, and those are: Rewal, Kolobrzeg, Ustronie Sea, Mielno, Darłowo, Ustka, Leba. Let’s see how great you can spend your time there. We trully recommend it!

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